A Passion for Natural Healing

10-16-17  A Passion for Natural Healing

This week, Dr. Morgan welcomes a friend, holistic therapist, natural healing advocate, and fellow Cavalier lover, Marita Tilley, who will be speaking from London, UK.  Marita started her career as a Personal Assistant on a live television program for children, where she worked for 13 years. After starting her family, she then re-trained, and worked as a therapist for seventeen years. Marita also founded the Natural Health School of Complimentary Therapies, which ran for seven years, training hundreds of students to become holistic therapists.  Her passion for natural healing supports her belief that the body will, in many cases, heal itself without drugs, given the chance and the right set up.  Her affection and dedication to the Cavalier breed and its health concerns led Marita to start a Facebook group page, The Healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The focus of the page is support and education, in a venue where members can share ideas to keep their Cavaliers in the best health possible – naturally. Whether or not you have a Cavalier, you won’t want to miss this show, as Dr. Morgan and Marita share their love and experience with their beloved breed, as well as the natural therapies they use to support them.

Superfood with Vince the Vet

10-09-17  Superfood with Vince the Vet

In this week’s episode, Dr. Morgan welcomes a colleague from “across the pond”, Dr. Vince MacNally from Southport, Merseyside in the United Kingdom.  A holistic veterinary surgeon, homeopathic vet and fellow radio show host, Dr. Vince is well known in the UK as Vince the Vet.  Practicing since 1983, Dr. Vince opened his first clinic in 1987, which grew to become a center of excellence providing pets with the very best treatment and utmost kindness and care.  In the mid-nineties, frustrated by the conventional veterinary approach, Dr. Vince became interested in natural remedies, therapies and supplements, leading to his study and certification in homeopathy along with a wide range of other therapies both in the UK and abroad.  On his return to holistic practice following a personal loss, Dr. Vince decided to share what he knew of the powerful healing properties of natural, nutritional supplements with a wider audience, and to make such products more readily available to pet owners.  This led to the launch of the unique, integrated range of clinically proven Vince The Vet® natural nutritional therapy products, which consistently promote health in specific areas of pets’ lives – often in quite remarkable ways.  His shows on UK Health explore a wide range of health topics, which reflect the current concerns of pet owners.  Tune in to Dr. Morgan’s show this week to hear Dr. Vince share his expertise on nutrition and natural pet care.

Not Your Typical Canine Rescue Community

10-02-17  Not Your Typical Canine Rescue Community

A very special show awaits you this week as Dr. Judy Morgan interviews author, President of KetoPet Sanctuary, and Vice President of Epigenix Foundation, Daniel Orrego, based out of Los Angeles, CA.  The current focus of these organizations is to validate the efficacy of the ketogenic diet and its application in reversing cancer and extending longevity.  While Epigenix focus is on the human element, KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS) is doing something incredible in the canine rescue community.  KPS goes out of its way to rescue dogs with incurable, terminal cancer with a goal to provide groundbreaking cancer therapy as well as a loving forever home for life for each dog instead of writing them off to their fate.  To quote Daniel, “Pursuing a metabolic approach to addressing cancer using nutrition as a central pillar for disease intervention, offers a tremendous benefit, in that it does no harm. In collaboration with Veterinarians, Oncologists and Research Scientists, we continue to validate the anti-cancer effects of nutritional ketosis.“  They’ve been doing this since October of 2014 and the results are astounding.  This is an important show for all Dr. Morgan’s listeners as Daniel shares his work with canine ketogenic diets and how they are optimizing animal health, welfare and quality of life.

Rescue for Rescuers!

09-25-17  Rescue for Rescuers!

This week, Dr. Judy Morgan welcomes a very special guest; Dr. Kimberly Johnson, LMHC from Long Branch, NY.  Dr. Johnson has been a provider and educator of clinical mental health counseling for more than 20 years. While she has extensive experience in crisis counseling & psychological first aid and the treatment of severe mental illness, she is better known in the animal care community for Rescuer Therapy, the program she founded for the treatment of “compassion fatigue”.  This occurs when people who help people or animals in distress are often so preoccupied with the suffering of those being helped that it becomes traumatic for them.  As the proud parent of five rescued pups and a member of various national and local animal responder groups, Dr. Johnson has long been a great admirer of those committed to fighting for the well-being of animals; those who rescue, shelter, foster, advocate, and care.  Her program, Rescuer Therapy, continues as a free time limited clinical service to those working in many roles within the animal care community. This is going to be a fascinating show, whether or not you are engaged in rescue services, so be sure to tune in as Dr. Johnson shares her experiences with Dr. Morgan.