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Ashlee Luke of Hare Today03-18-19  Hare Today – Here to Stay!

This week, Dr. Judy is pleased to welcome the owner of a family business you’ve likely heard her speak of often – Ashlee Luke of Hare Today, joins us from Springboro, PA where along with her husband Josh, is raising their family.  Hare Today Gone Tomorrow started as a small rabbit farm in 1999 specializing in rabbit meat, and today is grounded on the belief of raising animals as naturally as possible with plenty of fresh air, fresh food, and TLC and is supportive of other family farms that apply the same philosophies.  Ashlee graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2008 with degrees in Accounting and IT and after 12 years with a non-profit, she joined the family business in 2017, bringing with her invaluable expertise managing Federal, State and Local grants and her ability to read, understand and be in compliance with FDA and State regulations. In January 2019, Ashlee purchased the family business from her mother, Tracy, renaming it to Hare Today, keeping in mind the family business identity and their passion to offer only the BEST for domesticated carnivores.  Want to know more about how Ashlee dealt with the unexpected visit from the FDA and scored a “win” for raw feeders everywhere?  How about all the different products you can now get from Hare Today? Then by all means, tune to hear Dr. Judy and Ashlee talk about all this, her work with rescue groups and more.

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