Pet Fooled No More!

01-08-18 Pet Fooled No More!

This week, Dr. Morgan welcomes Kohl Harrington, the director and writer of Pet Fooled, coming to us from Los Angeles, California. If you’re not familiar with his work, Pet Fooled is a film the commercial pet food industry does not want their consumers to see, as it clearly exposes the ugly truth that they market so effectively to hide – the unacceptable ingredients that make up their products. Like many of us, Kohl grew up feeding his pets kibble with no reason to consider anything else. After he was approached by his producer, whose groomer suggested his dog’s rash may be caused by grains in his food, Kohl agreed to direct this feature length film. Little did he realize his directorial debut was a project of such magnitude that it took him 6 years to complete. You’ll hear how Kohl’s research evolved from a simple effort to find out what is actually going into our pet’s foods to commercial food recalls, the current trend toward raw and homemade food diets, the lack of true regulatory that would protect our pets and working with industry experts that advocate pets over profits. You will definitely want to tune in as Dr. Morgan and Kohl discuss a topic that is near and dear to all of us – the healthy feeding of our pets. It’s going to be a great show!

An Insider’s Peek: Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs

12-18-17 An Insider’s Peek: Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs

This week’s show will be a first as Dr. Judy welcomes her husband, Hue Grant, to talk about their new book; Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs.  You already know of Dr. Judy’s passion for healing her patients with whole foods while minimizing medications and chemicals.  Now tune in as she’s joined by the remarkable man with whom she shares her home along with their 7 spaniels, 4 cats, 4 horses and 8 chickens.  Born in Amarillo, Texas, Hue is a renowned architect by trade but also an accomplished cook, author and integral partner to Dr. Judy’s many activities, travels, workshops, podcasts and books.  You’ve probably heard his whispers from behind the camera on Dr. Judy’s daily live Breakfast with Spaniels broadcast on Facebook so now you’ll get to hear both of them openly discuss the hours they shared in creating their new book – from preparations for the beautiful recipe photos to the clear and simple illustrations used to clarify the basic principles.  This will be a memorable show so be sure to tune in to hear more from this beloved couple.

Communicating with Love & Compassion

12-11-17    Communicating with Love & Compassion

Once again, this week’s show promises to be interesting on yet another level of natural pet care as Dr. Morgan welcomes Dr. Elizabeth Severino from Turnersville, New Jersey.  Dr. Liz is a world-renowned interspecies telepathic communicator, author and holistic animal wellness consultant;  her mission is Creating a Happy, Healthy World for People and Animals.  As an animal communicator, she specializes in communication between animals and their humans and handles all species and issues with love and compassion.  Dr. Liz’s primary focus is sensing and relaying an animal’s ideas, feelings, pains, and symptoms as they describe them; her ability to feel and perceive these senses may be helpful to veterinary health professionals as well as the animals’ persons.  She also assists through handling of stresses, counseling, and other gentle healing methods, with the compassionate intention to let clients decide for themselves, how to work with their animal companions’ distress, disease, or injury.  Dr. Liz has clients in 46 countries and on all 7 continents, served in-person, by telephone, by Internet, and remotely.  It’s a show you won’t want to miss as Dr. Morgan investigates the spiritual side of pets with Dr. Liz.

Keep Music Alive

12-04-17    Keep Music Alive

And now for something completely different, as Dr. Morgan’s show this week features Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Morgan’s followers are treated daily to the beloved theme song Vincent wrote for Breakfast with Spaniels which is now used on her Naturally Healthy Pets radio show.  Volume One of their 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life features over 100 inspirational music stories including those from a number of iconic musicians such as Simon Kirke (Bad Company, Free), Rick Wakeman (YES) and more.  Vincent and Joann are the founders of Keep Music Alive, a non-profit promoting the value of music for children’s education, music therapy, and for our overall happiness.  Their passion for music also led them to found Kids Music Day and Teach Music America Week, two music holidays where they partner with hundreds of music schools in the US, Canada, and beyond, to promote music and offer free lessons in local communities to new students.  You’ll learn what kind of music our pets like to listen to, as well as how they react when they hear music in our homes.  Prepare yourself to be delighted by tuning in to hear Vincent and Joann share with Dr. Morgan how music changes lives!