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02-11-19  Finding the Road to Success

In a twist this week, Dr. Judy rolls two shows into one with separate interviews from small business entrepreneurs making a splash in the ever growing world of pet products.

First, meet Lisa Baronoff, joining Dr. Judy from Manhattan, New York.  A Bachelor of Business Science with a major in Marketing, Lisa founded Walkee Paws, which she developed as a means to protect her home and beloved Cocker spaniel, Toffee, from the dirt and germs that proliferate city streets and sidewalks.  It wasn’t easy finding a workable solution that didn’t involve wipes, washes or booties.  Using her experience in development and marketing toys and pantyhose, Lisa created her first prototype by cutting a pair of old pantyhose into little leggings that connected over Toffee’s back to keep them in place.  It was from this early design that the idea for Walkee Paws was born.  Many versions later, Walkee Paws remains the only dog legging brand on the market, and features comfortable material, thin enough to feel the ground while walking, yet strong enough to withstand water, pavement, snow, and general wear-and-tear from outdoor walking.

In the second segment, Dr. Judy welcomes Jennifer Williams, co-founder and COO of Cuddle Clones, a startup company that creates soft and adorable plush versions of people’s pets as well as other custom pet products. Growing up near Seattle Washington, Jennifer earned a BS in Mathematics and Business from the University of Puget Sound and an MBA from the University of Louisville.  After spending 10 years as a benefits consulting actuary, she made the entrepreneurial leap when she met and became business partners with her co-founder, Adam Greene.  Now, to the delight of their pet loving clients, each Cuddle Clone is hand-designed by a team of skilled artists to ensure they capture all the aspects that make each pet unique. Myra, the plush pup seen in many of Dr. Judy’s Facebook live broadcasts, is one of these beautiful and loving Cuddle Clones creations.

You won’t want miss to this special show as Dr. Judy learns how these special guests got to where they are today, where they’re going tomorrow and more!

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