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Gwendolyn (Gwen) Campbell Driver02-18-19  Who Interviewed Whom?

If you guessed Dr. Judy is in the guest seat for this show, you’re right as she welcomes yet another member of her talented family, her daughter Gwendolyn (Gwen) Campbell Driver.  Gwen is currently Director of Product and Data at Revibe Technologies .  Listen as Gwen talks about joining Revibe and how they are providing safe, alternative options to support those struggling with focus, concentration, and on-task behavior. In addition to being a Revibe product inventor, Gwen is also author of her new Building Businesses blog, which features entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, education levels and ages who “made it”, Dr. Judy being one of them.  Now is your chance to hear Gwen talk with her mother about her entrepreneurial experiences.  Do you know why Dr. Judy wanted to become a veterinarian or why she borrowed a million dollars to buy the practice she almost lost in the first year?  What was the goal that led her to become the internationally known and revered holistic/integrated veterinarian she is today?  How can you find a veterinarian like Dr. Judy to help you ensure a more natural approach to managing the health of your own pets?  You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Judy and Gwen discuss all this and more!

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