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06-16-16   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #219 features very special guest multi-instrumentalist Gino Cicchetti who has joined us in the past on the show, always to great effect.  Gino brings his dynamic acoustic 12-string, mandolin and flute flavors today for a series of improvs and songs by Mariam Massaro featuring the Gaea Star Band with Mariam also playing acoustic 12-string guitar, baritone ukulele, acoustic guitar, native flute and vocals, Craig Harris on congas and marimbas and Bob Sherwood on piano.  We begin with the mysterious, jazzy “Moon Melody in the Magical Night” with great lead work from Gino on 12-string and Mariam on native flute. “Song Sparrows Singing At King Cove” begins as an airy ballad featuring waves of shimmering 12-string from both Mariam and Gino and builds to a rocking, blues-inflected section before segueing into the stately, inspiring “Miss Opportunity”.  A mysterious, unsettling minor chord scheme sets the tone for the brief tone poem “The Ocean”.  “Oh May I Feel Alive In All The Ways” is a racing, cascading piece featuring beautiful poetry from Mariam as well as Gino’s imaginative mandolin playing tag with Bob’s playful classical and reggae motifs.  For Mariam’s yearning “Just Like The Dreams” Gino provides lyrical flute passages over Bob’s florid classical piano.  Our final two numbers today are readings of songs from Mariam’s album “Gaea Star Goddesses”; a rocking reading of “I’m The Full Moon” featuring a brief reprise, and lastly the majestic, intense “Queen Of Heaven”, both decorated to great effect by Gino’s flute.

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