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05-12-16   On Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #214 we join the Gaea Star Band, featuring Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, 12-string acoustic guitar and sitar, Craig Harris on congas and marimba, Bob Sherwood on piano and special guest Dameron Midgett on banjo, acoustic guitar and didjeridoo for an hour of adventurous musical improvisation at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington Massachusetts.    Today we begin with Mariam’s mystical “Maweh” featuring a gorgeous vocal from Mariam and an unusual conversation between her native flute and Dameron’s banjo.  The next piece, “Cooperation Not Corporation” finds Mariam moving to the DADGAD-tuned 12-string acoustic guitar and Dameron to nylon-string guitar for a floating, dreamy appeal for human cooperation over profit.  After an epic series of grooves and developments we arrive at “Surely We Can Get It Right” through a series of baroque chords and sheets of echo.  A stormy interlude of controlled chaos gives way to a mystical groove and cosmic poetry from Mariam.  Mariam turns to her sitar for “Calm Waters of Love” as Dameron lays down a floor-shaking C drone on his didjeridoo.  Today’s final piece is “Two Pyramids On Earth”, the story of a pyramid visionary named Maximiliano.

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