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Retreat to Peace09-27-23 Journey to Authenticity: Embracing Change, Body Positivity, and the Pursuit of Passion

with Suzanne Anderson and Elaine Torso

Sometimes in life, the most profound advice comes from unexpected places – for Suzanne Anderson, it was from her father. His wise words, ‘Don’t wait too long’, paved the way for Suzanne to follow her heart, turning a childhood dream of becoming a hairdresser into a successful business venture, Salon Savvy. In this episode, we journey through her personal saga of following her passion, the inevitable challenges she faced, and her unyielding commitment to giving back to the industry that shaped her.

But, this episode is not just about business triumphs; it’s also about personal growth. We warmly welcome Elaine Torso, a body image and mindset expert, whose mantra, ‘You don’t have to change your body, just your mindset’, has been a guiding light for many grappling with body image issues. She shares her unique ‘pop rock’ approach to dissecting and addressing problems, her audacious stand against societal beauty norms, and her brave journey towards self-acceptance, all of which are bound to inspire you to embrace your authentic self.

Within these discussions, we also delve deep into our personal journeys, exploring how our experiences have shaped us. My story of becoming a hairdresser, the promise I broke, and the challenges I faced along the way, are interwoven with Suzanne’s and Elaine’s inspiring narratives. Our collective wisdom on embracing change, learning from mistakes, and the importance of planning are just some of the life lessons you’ll glean from this episode. So, sit back, tune in, and get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered.

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