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Retreat to Peace12-06-23 From Chaos to Connection: The Challenges and Triumphs of Blending Families

Navigating the complex world of blended families can be a daunting task. We had a thought-provoking conversation with Step Family Coach Jen Rogers, who shared her personal journey of blending families and the challenges she encountered. Our discussion centered around the impact of labels on family dynamics and the reasons behind couples separating after decades of marriage. Jen’s experiences and insights provided an eye-opening perspective on what it means to merge two households, manage expectations, and avoid common pitfalls.

The mental health of children during these challenging times was another significant topic we explored. Jen highlighted the importance of compassionate listening and understanding the changes children are going through to help them stay optimistic. We shared guidance for parents to help their children navigate this emotional upheaval and emphasized the power of family planning and connection to combat feelings of isolation and depression.

Jen also gave us an inside look at the dynamics of parenting boys, the value of open conversations, and the pressing need for pastors to minister to blended families. She offered insightful advice on fostering family unity, handling conflict between ex-spouses, and the importance of recapturing the moment of falling in love to blend families successfully. We wrapped up with a discussion on the potential healing power of retreats and workshops, and the importance of authentic living. Join us for this insightful conversation, as Jen inspires us with her message of hope and the importance of finding joy in all situations.

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