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Retreat to Peace11-15-23 Kristen Miller’s Voyage: From Heartbreak to Healing through Solo Travel

Have you ever questioned societal norms or expectations? In an intimate chat with Kristen Miller, a licensed social worker, coach, counselor, and survivor of infidelity and divorce, we explore the importance of listening to our inner voice and the courage it takes to defy societal norms. Kristen opens up about her personal journey of love, heartbreak, and transformation – a narrative that will tug at your heartstrings and inspire you to see life’s challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

Discover the power of self-reliance as Kristen shares her struggle with societal expectations and how it led to self-fulfilling prophecies, conditioning us into people-pleasing habits. The conversation takes an emotional turn as Kristen recounts the arduous process of divorce and its impact on the entire family. This episode is an ode to the strength of everyone navigating through these challenging times, and a reminder to cultivate compassion for ourselves.

Always wanted to take the road less traveled? Join us as Kristen recounts her solo kayak trip in Italy – a journey that became a stepping stone for her healing and self-discovery. Learn about the importance of processing grief, regulating emotions, and prioritizing self-care. Listen to Kristen’s tale of transformation, healing, and self-discovery, and you too can transform your struggles into a journey of resilience and inner strength.

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