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Retreat to Peace08-23-23 Breaking Free: A Single Parent’s Journey of Resilience, Transformation, and Positivity

Picture this: A single parent, social worker, and an entrepreneur all rolled into one. That’s who Jessica Frey is, and she’s got valuable insights to share. As a single mom, Jessica juggles parenthood, social work, her online clothing boutique, and even a podcast. Tune in and hear how she navigates through life’s challenges, finding precious time for herself amidst being the supermom that she is. Jessica’s honest advice for other single parents out there is sure to hit home and inspire.

Ever wondered about the reality of homelessness? As someone with years of experience in social service, Jessica takes us behind the scenes, shedding light on the complexities of homelessness. Listen to her heartwarming story of compassion and generosity coming from unexpected places. Jessica’s resilience is awe-inspiring as she talks about her personal battles, including postpartum depression, and how she’s been able to turn negativity into a force for personal transformation.

In the final part of our conversation, Jessica explores the transformative power of positivity. She takes us through her journey of breaking free from her family’s limiting beliefs and adopting a positive mindset. Jessica talks about how this shift in thinking has not only changed her life but is also helping her guide others towards peace and authenticity. Jessica’s life is a testament to how a positive outlook can dramatically alter our lives. So, join us for this insightful and transformative episode, and let’s learn together.

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