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Retreat to Peace10-04-23 Reclaiming Your Life: Steps toward Healing after Sexual Abuse with Rina Murta Part 1

Does moving forward after the traumatic experience of sexual abuse seem impossible? Together with my guest Rina Murta, we bravely traverse this hard-hitting topic. Rina courageously shares her personal journey, revealing the emotional wreckage left in the wake of her own abuse at the tender age of 16. We unearth the deeply rooted connections between traumatic experiences and our emotional, mental, and spiritual health, shedding light on the painful reality of repressed memories and their unforeseen resurfacing.

Breaking the silence, we tackle complex issues surrounding the healing process and the necessary journey towards self-love. How do we identify violations, set boundaries, and remain steadfast in our value? Rina recounts an eye-opening experience with a church service campaigning against a bill meant to protect survivors of sexual abuse, speaking volumes to the importance of compassionate dialogues about trauma. We highlight the difficulties survivors face and underscore the need to redefine our beliefs and rediscover our values despite the scars of our past.

Our conversation doesn’t end at identifying the problem, but aims to empower survivors through actionable steps towards healing. This episode distills the essence of recovery, illuminating the path towards reclaiming our lives after trauma. We emphasize the importance of creating safe mental and emotional spaces, allowing ourselves to grieve, and taking small steps towards recovery. Engage with us in this profound discourse, and unearth the strength within you to move beyond trauma and embrace a future of healing and self-love.

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