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Heartliving Archives with Dr. Cynthia Bischoff

Living Your Best Life Every Day!

10-14-20 Living Your Best Life Every Day! “So much is going on both in the world and in our individual lives. This show will allow you to find the best course for your growth, move forward, remain positive and grounded, and build your immune system for a healthier...

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Creating Effective Relationships

09-16-20 "Creating Effective Relationships” Our life centers on so many different types of relationships.  Throughout our lives, it is in relationship dynamics that we heal ourselves. On this show we will discuss the power of honest and direct communication; cosmic...

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Understanding the Principles of Intuition!

08-12-20 Understanding the Principles of Intuition! To awaken your intuition, on this exciting show, Dr. Cynthia will discuss the basic principles of intuition--how it works and how to build your intuitive skills. We will also discuss the power of synchronicities and...

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You Are a Manifester!

07-15-20 You Are a Manifester! You are a manifester! You create your life every day through your thoughts and views about what is available to you. The way you think and the type of energy you transmit—both are part of what shapes your life.  As a creator of your...

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Feeding Your Spirit!

06-17-20 Feeding Your Spirit! In holistic healing it is important to look at the importance of integrating your body, mind, and spirit. While issues of body and mind may be more easily understood, our spirits hold tremendous power over how our lives unfold. In this...

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Managing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in Our Changing World!

05-13-20 Managing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in Our Changing World! “In this show, Dr. Cynthia will address the changes in our lifestyles as a result of the pandemic and guide you during this time of duality.  She will offer guidance on how to live effectively in our...

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Choosing Faith over Fear

04-15-20 Choosing Faith over Fear In our lifetimes we often do a dance with our faith and our fears.  Especially at a time of dramatic world change, this dance intensifies.  Since we are creating our reality, it is important not to work everything out with our minds...

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Contributing to Your Excellent Health!

03-11-20 Contributing to Your Excellent Health! Cynthia will share powerful principles for maintaining and contributing to your excellent health.  Topics will include helping you to understand the power of the mind in creating a healthy body; habits to create physical...

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Is it Time to Give Your Life a Re-Write?

02-12-20 Is it Time to Give Your Life a Re-write? “On this show we will discuss how to change our stories and overcome limitations, approach and release troublesome patterns, and practice holding conscious intent.  You will learn how to change your thinking and create...

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Moving through Your Fears

01-15-20 Moving through Your Fears We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’re completely of the faith that something is going to turn out well, even though from a rational standpoint, it doesn’t seem possible.  And in turn, we’ve had moments when despite how much...

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Experiencing Greater Love and Harmony in Relationships

12-11-19 “Experiencing Greater Love and Harmony in Relationships” Every day we engage in relationships with others. Often, we are attracted to and choose partners to gain a variety of lessons that contribute to becoming our best selves.  Each opportunity helps us to...

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Understanding the Power of the Mother-Child Relationship

11-27-19 Understanding the Power of the Mother-Child Relationship What do you think was the effect of your relationship to your mother on your life?  In this insightful show, Cynthia will discuss the power that our relationship to our mother has on us, including how...

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Dreams as a Healing Tool!

10-16-19 Dreams as a Healing Tool! Your dreams are significant and understanding them can help you access hidden knowledge about yourself and your life. Your current physical, psychological, and spiritual conditions are often revealed through your dreams.  Dr. Cynthia...

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How this Play called “Life” Works!

09-25-19 How this Play called “Life” Works! Today we will go backstage and take a peek behind the scenes of life for a closer look at what is behind many of our experiences and behaviors.  While you are the main character of your own drama, you’re partnered with the...

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Spiritual Ideas about our Journey to the Afterlife

08-14-19 “Spiritual Ideas about our Journey to the Afterlife” What happens after we have completed our life cycle here on the Earth plane? Is there an Afterlife and, if so, is it a state of being or existence that we go to or experience when we pass on?  Is there a...

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“Liberating Yourself from Your Inner Critic”

07-16-19 “Liberating Yourself from Your Inner Critic” Each of us has an inner critic--a part of our mind that is embedded in ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and internal voices. It lives through our energy. Like a familiar companion that lives inside us, the critic’s voice...

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The Art of Living Mindfully

06-12-19 The Art of Living Mindfully In this inspirational show, we will discuss practical tools and wisdom for living mindfully. Tips on how to calm down and relax, think productively, honor your body and manage your energy, and exercise an open mind.  Dr. Cynthia...

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Practicing Faith Over Fear

05-01-19 Practicing Faith Over Fear On her show “Practicing Faith over Fear,” Dr. Cynthia Bischoff will discuss principles for working through and understanding your fears and their origins, as well as exploring and strengthening your relationship to faith.  We will...

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The Power of the Heart

03-13-19  Topic: The Power of the Heart Researchers have studied the intelligence and coherence of the heart, believing the heart to have more impact on one’s emotions, mind, and health than ever thought possible.  In this show, Dr. Cynthia will discuss the history of...

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Saying “Yes” to a Great Life!

02-13-19 Saying “Yes” to a Great Life! When you say YES to living a more conscious life, you create a field of possibility around you and within you.  On this show, Dr. Cynthia will focus on basic manifesting principles and how to create new, positive outcomes for...

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