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07-15-20 You Are a Manifester!

You are a manifester! You create your life every day through your thoughts and views about what is available to you. The way you think and the type of energy you transmit—both are part of what shapes your life.  As a creator of your destiny, it is critical to get

clear about what you want, to know what is available to you, and to understand how universal law works. In this show, we will discuss the principles of manifesting, for example–how you co-create your life with the universe; how your thoughts contribute to the results you are getting; and how your emotions can be used as vibrational indicators to help you manifest. You will learn that manifestation is not magic. Instead, you will be shown how it is a process of working with natural principles to translate energy from one level to another. So once you accept your vibrational nature and connectedness to everything, you can begin to use your thoughts and emotions to more consciously contribute to what you are creating.  This helps you direct the outcome of your life experiences!

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