Appreciation – The Second Law of LionHearted Leadership™

OAR11-08-16   Appreciation – The Second Law of LionHearted Leadership™

Continuing with the glimpse into our upcoming White Lion Leadership Academy, Linda reveals more insights into the Herculean and Androclean styles of leadership, and introduces us to the Second Law – the Law of Appreciation.

Linda asks – and provides some thought provoking answers to – some deep questions. Why do we resist appreciating ourselves, why do we resist appreciating each other? Berry wonders what the difference is between Appreciation and Gratitude, and Linda shares her thinking and her reasons for choosing Appreciation as the word to describe this powerful Way of Lion.

Deep discussion leads to a revelation the Third Law, which Linda will discuss in detail in our next episode. But it is beautifully demonstrated in this show, in an open-hearted conversation between Linda and American Animal Communicator and Author, Joan Ranquet. Joan has some surprises for us – listen carefully to the deep wisdom that flows from communication across the species barrier.

Origination – the First Law of LionHearted Leadership™

lindatucker11-01-16   Origination – the First Law of LionHearted Leadership™

The final project of the year in White Lion Territory is the annual White Lion Leadership Academy, an opportunity for a group of carefully chosen applicants to immerse themselves deeply in the Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ for an entire month in order to find their way to the next level of leadership in every aspect of their own lives.

The intensive retreat is open to anyone, and many of the applicants are already practicing professionals in many fields.

The 13 Laws are the culmination of all the wisdom and teachings of the White Lions, and are gifted to the world through the unique experiences of Linda Tucker whose book, LionHearted Leadership™ – The 13 Laws, is due for publication early in 2017. Meanwhile, the material has been shared with a very small, selected group annually during the White Lion Leadership Academy.

Now, for the first time on radio, Linda takes us into her world with a sharing of the knowledge of the Laws. In this episode, Linda introduces the Laws and discusses the First Law, allowing us all a glimpse into the world of learning and discovery that 13 souls will be occupying from 21 November to 22 December.

Linda also takes the opportunity to introduce us to five inspirational ladies who personify this First Law of Origination. Anabel Farnell Watson and her four friends traveled from England to celebrate Anabel’s 80th birthday under a million stars, in the heart of White Lion territory – and they got more than they expected. Listen to their emotional heart-sharing as they describe this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Brian Rusch Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation

white-lion-125x12510-25-16   Brian Rusch Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation

For the last few days of the filming of the documentary, Mystery of the White Lions, we were joined in White Lion Territory by Brian Rusch who is the Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation. Apart from meeting all our extraordinary White Lions and learning about our re-introduction program, Brian took time to visit some of the StarLion Centres – local schools which we support through our StarLion programme. Due to the excellent timing of his visit, he witnessed the final release of Regeus, which completes our Akeru pride now living in relative freedom after three years of an intensive anti-poaching campaign which included the development of a state of the art electrified fencing project. Brian found loads of synergy between his work and ours – and was very happy to share his findings with One United Roar.

Brian was also delighted to share Peace3, a song created by Artists Tatu Vision and Stoney Creation, which he describes as the song that most clearly speaks to him at a heart level.  Peace3 is a major youth peace initiative taking place amongst mostly high school and college students, driven by the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation under the leadership of Brian Rusch.

Director Robin Crumley and Sacred Activist Andrew Harvey, Saving the White Lions

white-lion-125x12510-18-16   Director Robin Crumley and Sacred Activist Andrew Harvey, Saving the White Lions

Against the backdrop of a world which has recently betrayed lions and elephants with the CITES decision to endorse ongoing trade in their body parts, Linda Tucker and her team are focused on taking the message of the lions out to anyone with a heart to hear it. Canadian Filmmaker Gabriella Martinelli has sent a crew to the African bushveld to capture the magic, the meaning and the mystical connection of the lions not only to our ancient past, but also to the future and the survival of Planet Earth and the people who inhabit her. The five man crew includes presenter, legendary Sacred Activist Andrew Harvey, author of 32 books and a man whose mission in life is to delve into those deep questions, guiding humanity through the mysterious and mindboggling threads of spiritual seeking to a place of accessible simplicity where love is truly all that matters.

In this episode of One United Roar, Linda Tucker chats to Director Robin Crumley about his personal and professional White Lion experience.  Andrew Harvey in conversation with Berry Gargan eloquently explores his own relationship with the White Lions and shares some of their secrets with our listeners.