Linda Tucker Interviews Maurice Fernandez

08-07-18 Linda Tucker Interviews Maurice Fernandez Part 1

Join Linda and Maurice Fernandez for this exciting and insightful discussion.

The Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ was inspired by the White Lions’ call for the emergence of true leadership in humanity. It is based on 13 natural laws that bring us into alignment with the Higher Laws of Nature, restoring harmony and balance, and advancing humanity to its greater destiny. In LionHearted Leadership™ training we call this: “A-Lion-Ment” Learn about the 13 laws; make a difference in your life and in the world. Join this life-changing program.

Maurice Fernandez has been practicing astrology for more than twenty five years with a passion to interpret planetary cycles as a way to live fulfilling and healthy lives.Born in Africa, and moved to Israel as a teenager where he was first exposed to astrology in a professional way. It was a natural language for me and provided an incredible understanding about the nature of existence.To provide a more spiritual experience to the study of astrology, Maurice often combines it with the practice of Kundalini Yoga along with retreat style immersion into nature.  He’s particularly interested to further develop inter-species communication and bridge consciousness between humans, animals, vegetation, and minerals. Maurice has worked for the past 5 years with the White Lions of Timbavati for this purpose. This holistic approach helps with the original intention to align our lives on earth with the greater cycles of the planets and universal Truth.
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Moving to the United States, I have developed a worldwide network as an author, teacher, counselor, and conference organizer, notably the celebrated River of Stars Astrology Conference in Hawaii. Visit the River of Stars website:

I’m currently serving as the president of OPA – The Organization for Professional Astrology – with the aim to support Astrology and Astrologers. It is a very creative organization for all levels of expertise. Visit the OPA website:

After 7 years in the high and dry altitude of Colorado, I currently reside on the Big Island of Hawaii, a place of wonders where lava flows into the ocean to create the newest earth on the planet – the only meeting of the four elements.

Insight into the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™

06-26-18 Insight into the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™

In Linda Tucker’s webinar, she provides insight into the Academy, as well as information regarding the 13 Adventures of LionHearted Leadership™ program which will be taking place later this year. Linda will also be joined by two LionHearted Leadership™ Practitioners who will be able to share their thoughts and experiences on the Academy.

THE PURPOSE of the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™ is to address the most critically urgent crises of today, including politics, economics, education, religion, culture, value systems and, most fundamentally, sustainability. It does so, however, in an entirely unique heart-centered way. Although focused on modern innovative techniques, the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™’s methods are founded on the most ancient indigenous knowledge systems, more relevant now than ever before.

THE TRAINING activates LionHeartedness™ to enable future leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change, willing to challenge existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. To become such a leader, each of us needs to make one simple shift: from an insecure, exploitative, need and greed ‘consumer culture’ to a confident, loving consciousness that holds deep reverence for the sanctity of life and Mother Nature.

INSPIRED by the White Lions, the Leadership Academy offers an Initiatory training in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, formalized by Linda Tucker, after 3 decades of pioneering work in protecting these magnificent animals, and their message for humanity.

Every year, an immersion in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ is held over a 4-week period, which takes place in the Heartlands of White Lion ancestral territories. Established in 2012, the Academy is led by Linda Tucker and has attracted multicultural participants from around the globe, with workshops and intensives delivered by world class facilitators in a variety of fields.

The 10th Law – Governance

10-17-17  The 10th Law – Governance

When we think about stewarding our resources, most of us think about money matters. Few of us would regard financial management as a sacred practice.

Money in our paradigm is our most fundamental representative of all that is exploitative, commercial and greedy in our world, but we have to power to change that. When we become LionHearted Leaders, we learn from Linda Tucker that money is an energy, a resource that represents “life-force from the Universe”. It becomes another life-affirming indication that the Universe is conspiring to support your very existence. When we experience life and abundance in this way, it becomes imperative to acknowledge the Divine in all our resources and to honour them with the respect they deserve. Resources include money but are not limited to that currency. What about our earth, the soil, our water, the very air that we breathe.

This enlightening and thought-provoking insight from Linda Tucker is supported by Rev Rene Ragan, USA Director of the Linda Tucker Foundation and herself an expert on resource management. Listen to our interview with Rene, who teaches this 10th Law of Governance at our LionHearted Leadership Academy on White Lion Territories. Bringing the sacred into the mundane may be easier than you think!

The 9th Law of Co-Creation – Live your Dream

04-04-17   The 9th Law of Co-Creation – Live your Dream

What exactly do we mean when we talk about co-creating a new paradigm and how do we get it right? Sometimes, no matter how true your intentions, things go wrong in life and in the world. In South Africa, we have just experienced a shameful hostile take over of our country by forces who clearly do not have the public interest at heart. It amounts to a bloodless coup: what roles will fear and love play in our path forward? As we are having the rethink ourselves, and redefine the South African dream. In America, a similar process is underway. And yet, we can all look around us and identify people who are living their dream against all odds? Right here in White Lion Territory, Jason Turner – Scientist, lion ecologist, chief operations officer of the White Lion Trust, is doing exactly that. We spend some time in conversation with him, learning about the secrets of his success, why he does what he does. And about the choices along the way that made his dream possible.