The 10th Law – Governance

10-17-17  The 10th Law – Governance

When we think about stewarding our resources, most of us think about money matters. Few of us would regard financial management as a sacred practice.

Money in our paradigm is our most fundamental representative of all that is exploitative, commercial and greedy in our world, but we have to power to change that. When we become LionHearted Leaders, we learn from Linda Tucker that money is an energy, a resource that represents “life-force from the Universe”. It becomes another life-affirming indication that the Universe is conspiring to support your very existence. When we experience life and abundance in this way, it becomes imperative to acknowledge the Divine in all our resources and to honour them with the respect they deserve. Resources include money but are not limited to that currency. What about our earth, the soil, our water, the very air that we breathe.

This enlightening and thought-provoking insight from Linda Tucker is supported by Rev Rene Ragan, USA Director of the Linda Tucker Foundation and herself an expert on resource management. Listen to our interview with Rene, who teaches this 10th Law of Governance at our LionHearted Leadership Academy on White Lion Territories. Bringing the sacred into the mundane may be easier than you think!

The 9th Law of Co-Creation – Live your Dream

04-04-17   The 9th Law of Co-Creation – Live your Dream

What exactly do we mean when we talk about co-creating a new paradigm and how do we get it right? Sometimes, no matter how true your intentions, things go wrong in life and in the world. In South Africa, we have just experienced a shameful hostile take over of our country by forces who clearly do not have the public interest at heart. It amounts to a bloodless coup: what roles will fear and love play in our path forward? As we are having the rethink ourselves, and redefine the South African dream. In America, a similar process is underway. And yet, we can all look around us and identify people who are living their dream against all odds? Right here in White Lion Territory, Jason Turner – Scientist, lion ecologist, chief operations officer of the White Lion Trust, is doing exactly that. We spend some time in conversation with him, learning about the secrets of his success, why he does what he does. And about the choices along the way that made his dream possible.

8th Law of Authentication

03-07-17  8th Law of Authentication

One of the more challenging of the 13 Laws – to Gain Full Responsibility. A deep, service based approach to life which feeds all the laws. What happens when we walk unconsciously in our environments? Linda Tucker tells us that by virtue of being responsible, power comes. It is a very different process to the old model of seizing power, which does not display real responsibility; and as law abiding citizens how do we revisit our role, our laws, our leaders and how do we define our relationship with power and authority?

We take originality to a much deeper level, and we commit to standing up to be counted and thereby stand in the only power that truly counts – our own.

Linda chats to Maurice Fernandez, arguably one of the most accomplished Astrologers in the world today to get his take on the Law of Authentication. We look at how the Laws are reflected in the heavens, in the ancient signs of astrology. How we can use these signs and wonders that are gifted to us by our incredible universe are there to guide us, illuminating the lessons and blessings of our paths. Maurice is one of the regular facilitators at the annual White Lion Leadership Academy; he brings a special perspective to the role and application of lessons from the heavens in the daily evolution on our lives.

We end our show with a special gift – a story, written by Linda Tucker, for children but designed to delight all ages. So close your eyes, sit back and join us – this is soul-food at its best.

The 7th Law of Collaboration – Find your Pride

02-21-17   The 7th Law of Collaboration – Find your Pride

The 7th Law of Collaboration – Find your Pride, is the law that asks us to look carefully at the health of our relationships be they with family, social group, work colleagues or community. We regain our own pride as we find our special place, learning to work with each other across the barriers of nationality, education, culture, language or economic status. The outcome we can expect by shifting into wholeness and an understanding of the unique place we occupy, is far different from the outcome we would generate by working from a place of ego and arrogance. Linda unpacks for us how working in alignment with this Law of Collaboration brings us into the abundant, blessed flow of Universal energy; but misalignment can lead to gangsterism, bullying, the undermining of minority groups and indifference to the pain of others.

We have been sharing in recent weeks about our White Lion Leadership Academy and how that event brought 14 strangers together from many different parts of the world. Rev Debbie Schmidt joins us on this episode of One United Roar, to tell us how the Law of Collaboration worked when our participants were let loose on a kitchen. More was learned than we could have anticipated! Join us for this great conversation and a special peak into the COLLABORATIVE world of the White Lion Leadership Academy.