8th Law of Authentication

03-07-17  8th Law of Authentication

One of the more challenging of the 13 Laws – to Gain Full Responsibility. A deep, service based approach to life which feeds all the laws. What happens when we walk unconsciously in our environments? Linda Tucker tells us that by virtue of being responsible, power comes. It is a very different process to the old model of seizing power, which does not display real responsibility; and as law abiding citizens how do we revisit our role, our laws, our leaders and how do we define our relationship with power and authority?

We take originality to a much deeper level, and we commit to standing up to be counted and thereby stand in the only power that truly counts – our own.

Linda chats to Maurice Fernandez, arguably one of the most accomplished Astrologers in the world today to get his take on the Law of Authentication. We look at how the Laws are reflected in the heavens, in the ancient signs of astrology. How we can use these signs and wonders that are gifted to us by our incredible universe are there to guide us, illuminating the lessons and blessings of our paths. Maurice is one of the regular facilitators at the annual White Lion Leadership Academy; he brings a special perspective to the role and application of lessons from the heavens in the daily evolution on our lives.

We end our show with a special gift – a story, written by Linda Tucker, for children but designed to delight all ages. So close your eyes, sit back and join us – this is soul-food at its best.

The 7th Law of Collaboration – Find your Pride

02-21-17   The 7th Law of Collaboration – Find your Pride

The 7th Law of Collaboration – Find your Pride, is the law that asks us to look carefully at the health of our relationships be they with family, social group, work colleagues or community. We regain our own pride as we find our special place, learning to work with each other across the barriers of nationality, education, culture, language or economic status. The outcome we can expect by shifting into wholeness and an understanding of the unique place we occupy, is far different from the outcome we would generate by working from a place of ego and arrogance. Linda unpacks for us how working in alignment with this Law of Collaboration brings us into the abundant, blessed flow of Universal energy; but misalignment can lead to gangsterism, bullying, the undermining of minority groups and indifference to the pain of others.

We have been sharing in recent weeks about our White Lion Leadership Academy and how that event brought 14 strangers together from many different parts of the world. Rev Debbie Schmidt joins us on this episode of One United Roar, to tell us how the Law of Collaboration worked when our participants were let loose on a kitchen. More was learned than we could have anticipated! Join us for this great conversation and a special peak into the COLLABORATIVE world of the White Lion Leadership Academy. http://oneunitedroar.org/

The 6th Law of Regeneration

01-24-17   The 6th Law of Regeneration

There is a flow in the Universe. It is a creative, nurturing and regenerative flow. In its natural, balanced course it embraces and permeates all of life, allowing the perfect unfolding of the Universe in all its excellence. Unfortunately, humankind is very good at destabilizing, blocking or hindering this Universal flow. When we live an unbalanced life on any level, we fail to maximize this amazing gift from the Universe and our health suffers. The Law of Regeneration speaks to the regrowth after the time of winter, the new leaves that appear after pruning and the reconnection of hearts when earthly conflicts have intervened to block the natural love.

Fires are a constant risk in many parts of the world. Recently, fires have ravaged the Western Cape, a unique area of South Africa. Now, after cooling, cleansing rain, we wait for the regeneration, the healing appearance of new growth, new life.

Perfectly demonstrating this Divine Law, Kiran Coetzee was in high school when he decided to document his teenage years – not because he wanted to be an author, but because he felt his story might help others. This led to the publication of his first book, Uncharted Connections. Kiran’s own father read his book – and it opened an opportunity for the two of them to have the deepest conversation they had had in years. That was the regeneration of a relationship between generations, just one example of the deep healing experience which came about because one young man opened his own heart to the Universal Flow.

Linda unpacks the 6th Law of Regeneration in this episode of One United Roar, and then follows it up with a heartwarming interview with Kiran Coetzee. http://oneunitedroar.org/

The 5th Law of Lion/Hearted Leadership™ – RADIANCE

01-10-17   The 5th Law of Lion/Hearted Leadership™ – RADIANCE

There are people who know this feeling well, and they – well they are the people we all want to emulate. They shine, they have energy, they seem so powerful and they are lit up from the inside with enthusiasm for life. How do they do that?

In this episode of One United Roar, Linda Tucker unpacks what it means to radiate from within, and what that means in the context of The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™. She talks about the difference between people who have fame because the external spotlight has fallen on them, and those who radiate the spotlight from some internal source. Most importantly, Berry and Linda discuss that million dollar question – How to do that. And it really is quite simple, because it is something that is freely available to anyone and can be done by absolutely anyone in alignment with the Source. So why is everyone not doing this? Because the How To is simple, but not necessarily obvious in today’s consumerist, exploitative world where values and a deeper connection with all of life are not necessarily part of the childhood curriculum.

But, most importantly, in this episode we speak to someone who truly radiates. His name is Yam Yardeni, he is 14 years old and he is one of the six winners of the 2016 One United Roar Talent Challenge who will soon be winging his way to South Africa from his home in Auroville, India.

Yam tells us what inspires him, what drives him, and what he dreams of. Definitely an inspirational, deserving and RADIANT winner!