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lindatucker11-01-16   Origination – the First Law of LionHearted Leadership™

The final project of the year in White Lion Territory is the annual White Lion Leadership Academy, an opportunity for a group of carefully chosen applicants to immerse themselves deeply in the Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ for an entire month in order to find their way to the next level of leadership in every aspect of their own lives.

The intensive retreat is open to anyone, and many of the applicants are already practicing professionals in many fields.

The 13 Laws are the culmination of all the wisdom and teachings of the White Lions, and are gifted to the world through the unique experiences of Linda Tucker whose book, LionHearted Leadership™ – The 13 Laws, is due for publication early in 2017. Meanwhile, the material has been shared with a very small, selected group annually during the White Lion Leadership Academy.

Now, for the first time on radio, Linda takes us into her world with a sharing of the knowledge of the Laws. In this episode, Linda introduces the Laws and discusses the First Law, allowing us all a glimpse into the world of learning and discovery that 13 souls will be occupying from 21 November to 22 December.

Linda also takes the opportunity to introduce us to five inspirational ladies who personify this First Law of Origination. Anabel Farnell Watson and her four friends traveled from England to celebrate Anabel’s 80th birthday under a million stars, in the heart of White Lion territory – and they got more than they expected. Listen to their emotional heart-sharing as they describe this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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