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white-lion-125x12510-25-16   Brian Rusch Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation

For the last few days of the filming of the documentary, Mystery of the White Lions, we were joined in White Lion Territory by Brian Rusch who is the Executive Director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation. Apart from meeting all our extraordinary White Lions and learning about our re-introduction program, Brian took time to visit some of the StarLion Centres – local schools which we support through our StarLion programme. Due to the excellent timing of his visit, he witnessed the final release of Regeus, which completes our Akeru pride now living in relative freedom after three years of an intensive anti-poaching campaign which included the development of a state of the art electrified fencing project. Brian found loads of synergy between his work and ours – and was very happy to share his findings with One United Roar.

Brian was also delighted to share Peace3, a song created by Artists Tatu Vision and Stoney Creation, which he describes as the song that most clearly speaks to him at a heart level.  Peace3 is a major youth peace initiative taking place amongst mostly high school and college students, driven by the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation under the leadership of Brian Rusch.

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