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01-10-17   The 5th Law of Lion/Hearted Leadership™ – RADIANCE

There are people who know this feeling well, and they – well they are the people we all want to emulate. They shine, they have energy, they seem so powerful and they are lit up from the inside with enthusiasm for life. How do they do that?

In this episode of One United Roar, Linda Tucker unpacks what it means to radiate from within, and what that means in the context of The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™. She talks about the difference between people who have fame because the external spotlight has fallen on them, and those who radiate the spotlight from some internal source. Most importantly, Berry and Linda discuss that million dollar question – How to do that. And it really is quite simple, because it is something that is freely available to anyone and can be done by absolutely anyone in alignment with the Source. So why is everyone not doing this? Because the How To is simple, but not necessarily obvious in today’s consumerist, exploitative world where values and a deeper connection with all of life are not necessarily part of the childhood curriculum.

But, most importantly, in this episode we speak to someone who truly radiates. His name is Yam Yardeni, he is 14 years old and he is one of the six winners of the 2016 One United Roar Talent Challenge who will soon be winging his way to South Africa from his home in Auroville, India.

Yam tells us what inspires him, what drives him, and what he dreams of. Definitely an inspirational, deserving and RADIANT winner!

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