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OAR11-08-16   Appreciation – The Second Law of LionHearted Leadership™

Continuing with the glimpse into our upcoming White Lion Leadership Academy, Linda reveals more insights into the Herculean and Androclean styles of leadership, and introduces us to the Second Law – the Law of Appreciation.

Linda asks – and provides some thought provoking answers to – some deep questions. Why do we resist appreciating ourselves, why do we resist appreciating each other? Berry wonders what the difference is between Appreciation and Gratitude, and Linda shares her thinking and her reasons for choosing Appreciation as the word to describe this powerful Way of Lion.

Deep discussion leads to a revelation the Third Law, which Linda will discuss in detail in our next episode. But it is beautifully demonstrated in this show, in an open-hearted conversation between Linda and American Animal Communicator and Author, Joan Ranquet. Joan has some surprises for us – listen carefully to the deep wisdom that flows from communication across the species barrier.

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