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2-26-19 Developments made in South African Parliament and Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet

Linda Tucker is joined by Animal Communicator and Energy Healer, Joan Ranquet, located in Santa Clarita, CA, her VA (virtual assistant) Kat Koch from Ireland, and PA (personal assistant) Marissa Morley from Los Angeles, CA.

Linda shares her delighted success after a 2-Day Parliamentary Inquiry- after intensive Parliamentary presentation in Cape Town 5,6 Feb 2019. The results announce that the long-standing policy agreements in the region (UNESCO Kruger to Canyons Biosphere) based on lion trophy hunting policies are now formally under review and open to public hearings.

Kat shares her amazing voice, singing the song, “Feeling Good”, made famous by Nina Simone. Linda discusses her upcoming trip to the states to see dolphins passing through in Seattle with Joan, as well as, Joan’s trip with guests to White Lion Territories!

Linda’s TedX:
Joan’s TedX:

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