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09-18-18 ACADEMY OF LIONHEARTED LEADERSHIP™ with Wynter Worsthorne Part 2

Join LINDA TUCKER and WYNTER WORSTHORNE Founder Faculty Member, world-renowned professional animal communicator, and Founder of the online Academy for Animal Communication.

Communication is the 3rd Law of LionHearted Leadership™: “Share the Roar”.
Understanding how to communicate is one of the most fundamental tools for emerging leadership – assisting you not only to Roar your Truth, but to be heard and, more importantly, to listen to Nature’s wisdom – transforming the guidance you receive into positive action.

At the Academy of LionHearted Leadership™, we take Communication to the level of Heart-to-Heart “Communion”.

“LionHeartedness is: Fearlessness inspired by Love and Respect for Nature that empowers you to transform you world. It makes you unstoppable… For the leadership of the future, animal communication will be an imperative.”
– Linda Tucker (13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™)

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