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Theresa Piasta04-08-19 The Healing Power of Canine Therapy

This week, Dr. Judy is pleased to welcome Theresa Piasta, author, blogger, founder and CEO of Puppy Mama.  She joins us from San Francisco, California where she lives with her husband and Waffles, their Cavapoo.  Theresa’s careers before founding Puppy Mama are incredibly diverse, starting with her 14 years of Army service where as a Captain in a Field Artillery Brigade, she led a large team to defend thousands of soldiers and contractors on a base near the Iranian border.  She was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her service.  Theresa also spent 6 years as an executive in the Investment Bank and Sales & Trading businesses.  Now, with Puppy Mama, she spreads awareness through a supportive community, advocating for a more dog-friendly world and for the healing power of canine therapy.  Theresa believes that dogs of any age heal us and bring incredible joy to our lives; now it’s time for us all to be able to bring our best friends wherever we go.  In her mission to facilitate this, Theresa utilizes technology to provide the Puppy Mama community a safe place to share, connect with one another, schedule fun meets with friends, and rate businesses, travel services, and hotels.  Her Puppy Mama app was designed to help pet parents to promote a more dog-friendly world. This is a very special show for all pet owners where you can hear Theresa explain how she discovered the power of canine therapy, how it inspires and heals women around the world and how Puppy Mama is helping to train service dogs for children in need.

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