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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

Joy of Opening To Life

01-26-17   Joy of Opening To Life Joy of Opening To Life:  If you watch your body carefully, you will see that you, like most people, carry a lot of tension.  All...

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The Peace that is Always Here

01-12-17    The Peace that is Always Here Just as a stormy ocean is always calm under the surface, there is a field of peace and ease that is always with you no...

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Do We Create Our Reality?

12-29-16  Do We Create Our Reality? In this program, Mary offers an in-depth exploration of the idea that we create our own reality, looking at both the upside and...

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Coming Home to Your Heart

12-08-16   Coming Home to Your Heart We have learned how to be deeply unkind with ourselves, locking many parts of us out of our hearts.  The more we are unkind...

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Healing the Division

11-24-16   Healing the Division When you look at the news, it looks like things are falling apart.  There are random terrorist attacks, global warming, millions of...

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Befriending Anger

11-10-16   Befriending Anger Even though we all have Anger, it is often considered to be bad or wrong.  That is because we stuff it and don’t see it until it...

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Illness as Your Friend

10-27-16 Illness as Your Friend We have been trained our entire lives to resist any physical, mental and emotional pain. Yet, we often amplify our discomfort...

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Relaxing Into Life

09-29-16 Relaxing Into Life Most of us hold on tightly, trying to make our lives be the way we think they should be, resisting what we don’t want because we are...

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Beyond Control into Connection

09-08-16  Beyond Control into Connection If you could watch your stream of thought, you would see that mostly what it is doing is trying to control Life - control...

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Pain As Your Healer

08-18-16   Pain As Your Healer In Life, pain is part of the journey. Yet we human beings have been trained to resist our physical, mental and emotional pain. We so...

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Your Body, Your Friend

07-14-16   Your Body, Your Friend When you were young, you were embodied, or what Mary calls ‘in-bodied’ with joyful spirit. You loved to play all day, swing, do...

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Freedom From Your ‘Spells’

06-30-16   Freedom From Your ‘Spells’ Most of our fear is made up of conditioned beliefs that we took on when we were very young. Mary calls these beliefs ‘spells’...

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Life Is For You

06-16-16   Life Is For You Most of us live our lives identified with the stories in our minds, rarely being here for Life. If you could open a little door on your...

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Being Healed By Your Compulsions

06-02-16  Being Healed By Your Compulsions We are all compulsive to some degree. We turn to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, work, sex, the Internet, busyness,...

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The Ease of Meditation

05-18-16  The Ease of Meditation Most people use meditation to try to make something happen, find enlightenment, get to a better state, or change something in...

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