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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

The Astonishing Light of Your Own Being

05-04-17   The Astonishing Light of Your Own Being No matter what is happening in your life, there is a field of ease, peace, and aliveness that is always with you.  Mostly you don’t notice it because the struggles in your mind are like a cloud bank that cover it...

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You Are Enough Exactly as You Are!

04-20-17  You Are Enough Exactly as You Are! Do you rest in a sense that you are enough and your life is enough?  If you do, it is probably just for moments before your mind starts searching for more or better experiences.  In this broadcast we will explore how to...

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The Strength of Vulnerability

04-06-17   The Strength of Vulnerability All of us are deeply vulnerable and we spend our lives trying to hide it from ourselves and others.  This causes us to become human doings rather than human beings.  Come discover that the safest thing you can do is embrace ...

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Death: Friend of Foe

03-23-17  Death: Friend of Foe We are so afraid of death that we live as if we and those we love aren’t going to die while unconsciously fearing its inevitability.  This causes untold suffering inside of ourselves and in the world.  Come explore a way to acknowledge...

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You Can Be Open and Spacious or Tight and Small

03-09-17   You Can Be Open and Spacious or Tight and Small We all long to be open to life – to know the joy and spaciousness of really being here for life.  And  yet we are also afraid of it which causes us to tighten.  Join Mary as she explores how to be open to life...

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Three Things to Bring Peace in a Chaotic Time

02-23-17   Three Things to Bring Peace in a Chaotic Time We are certainly living in a challenging time.  Not only are we dealing with chaos all over the world, but also in our daily lives there is a lot fear, judgement, pressure, shame, loneliness, anger and the...

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Trump – Disaster or Opportunity?

02-08-17   Trump – Disaster or Opportunity? We are living in a very challenging time, dealing with feelings around what Trump does and says, fear of mass shootings, concern for the waves of refugees, and climate change. These are only a few of the things that bring up...

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Joy of Opening To Life

01-26-17   Joy of Opening To Life Joy of Opening To Life:  If you watch your body carefully, you will see that you, like most people, carry a lot of tension.  All of us carry some level of guarding against life’s challenges, real and imagined.  We live in a mind that...

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The Peace that is Always Here

01-12-17    The Peace that is Always Here Just as a stormy ocean is always calm under the surface, there is a field of peace and ease that is always with you no matter what is happening in your life. Come explore what keeps you caught in struggle when you are living...

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Do We Create Our Reality?

12-29-16  Do We Create Our Reality? In this program, Mary offers an in-depth exploration of the idea that we create our own reality, looking at both the upside and the downside of this belief.  And in this exploration, she reveals the joy of showing up for reality...

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Coming Home to Your Heart

12-08-16   Coming Home to Your Heart We have learned how to be deeply unkind with ourselves, locking many parts of us out of our hearts.  The more we are unkind with ourselves, the more we react to the world.  Mary shares a powerful story of one human being who used a...

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Healing the Division

11-24-16   Healing the Division When you look at the news, it looks like things are falling apart.  There are random terrorist attacks, global warming, millions of refuges, and the polarization of the latest US Election.  How would your experience of all of this be...

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Befriending Anger

11-10-16   Befriending Anger Even though we all have Anger, it is often considered to be bad or wrong.  That is because we stuff it and don’t see it until it erupts.  Anger, rather than being an enemy is a necessary tool for maneuvering through life.  It signals us...

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Illness as Your Friend

10-27-16 Illness as Your Friend We have been trained our entire lives to resist any physical, mental and emotional pain. Yet, we often amplify our discomfort through our resistance to it, not realizing that we create more pain and suffering by trying to run away from...

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Meeting Your Wounded Parts in Your Heart

10-13-16   Meeting Your Wounded Parts in Your Heart The wounded parts inside of you, which can show up as fear, shame, anger, resistance, despair, anxiety and confusion, are bound up energy that you absorbed from the adults around you when you were young. Because you...

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Relaxing Into Life

09-29-16 Relaxing Into Life Most of us hold on tightly, trying to make our lives be the way we think they should be, resisting what we don’t want because we are caught up in the illusion of control. One of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself is to take a few...

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Beyond Control into Connection

09-08-16  Beyond Control into Connection If you could watch your stream of thought, you would see that mostly what it is doing is trying to control Life - control people, circumstances, emotions, our bodies, and our minds. The truth is that making control the primary...

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Pain As Your Healer

08-18-16   Pain As Your Healer In Life, pain is part of the journey. Yet we human beings have been trained to resist our physical, mental and emotional pain. We so often amplify our pain through our resistance to it, not realizing that we create more pain by trying to...

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The Perfection of Challenging Relationships

08-04-16   The Perfection of Challenging Relationships Relationships can be very challenging, bringing up uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Rather than trying to fix or change the person you are struggling with, Mary invites you to be curious about your feelings of...

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Your Body, Your Friend

07-14-16   Your Body, Your Friend When you were young, you were embodied, or what Mary calls ‘in-bodied’ with joyful spirit. You loved to play all day, swing, do cartwheels, and roll in the grass. Your young body was a field of energy and everything flowed. Then, as...

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