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We started Sustainable Living News with the intention to share factual information on how we as a society can improve all systems we presently experience. So many have done the groundwork for setting us in a whole sustainable direction. It is a time for cultivating new ideas and implementing compassionate action that supports a kind sustainable society and planet so all can thrive for generations to come. Our food system, medical system, oceans, land, financial …all systems are in need of solutions with options if the human race is to continue on this planet. Our society’s focus on greed has been the catalyst for destruction to our people, our animal friends, the water and the land. Education is key for understanding each other, learning our history and then inspiring others to create innovative products with solutions that won’t cause additional destruction. With continued knowledge, due diligence and reverence for our planet and its inhabitants… each person can choose to make improvements in their own way, contributing to the whole.

We look to be part of the solution, offering articles that inspire the reader to think and act with a mindset for the Highest good for all.


What is a Conscious Consumer?

What is a Conscious Consumer? What is a conscious consumer you might ask? They are a group of consumers that understand the impacts their purchases have on the planet. These consumers are not only changing the way we look at business, but are actively redefining...

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What are you wearing? Hemp vs. Organic Cotton vs. rPET

What are you wearing? Hemp vs. Organic Cotton vs. rPET The clothing tag on the back of your shirt or pants will usually tell you where that textile was made and what it’s made of, but how do you determine what is the best type of fabric to put on your body? There are...

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How to Pack a non-toxic School Lunch

How to Pack a non-toxic School Lunch As a parent, packing your kids lunches every day can be a wasteful process, but not anymore! There are plenty of zero-waste and non-toxic alternatives to plastic packaging for your everyday sack lunch. From reusable containers, to...

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“Five Sustainability Trends for 2019“

“Five Sustainability Trends for 2019“ © 2019 Hazel Henderson,  Nikos Avlonas, President and Founder, Centre for Sustainability and Excellence, Rosalinda Sanquiche, Manager, CSE North America The rise of sustainability practices in unexpected...

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“MONEY IS NOT WEALTH: Cryptos v. Fiats!“

“MONEY IS NOT WEALTH: Cryptos v. Fiats!“ By Hazel Henderson ©2018 Most bankers, economists and investors after a couple of drinks, will admit that money is not wealth. Money is a metric, like inches and centimeters, for tracking real wealth:...

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“Greening our Global Food System”

“Greening our Global Food System” © 2018 Hazel Henderson Update from Editor Hazel Henderson on new research since we released our Green Transition Scoreboard® 2018, April 23, 2018.  All this research collected from around the world in the past 3...

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“Let’s Train Humans First…Before We Train Machines”

"Let's Train Humans First…Before We Train Machines" Hazel Henderson© 2018 We humans are at the absurd stage in our technological evolution when we seem to have abandoned our common sense.  Billions are spent by governments, corporations and...

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Family Office Forum-San Francisco

Hazel Henderson Presents to Family Office Forum-Impact Investing-San Francisco, September 2018 Hazel Henderson is the founder of Ethical Markets Media, LLC and the creator and co-executive Producer of its TV series. She is a world renowned futurist, evolutionary...

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Silicone: The Plastic Alternative

When plastic was invented back in 1907, it quickly became used anywhere and everywhere–becoming a consumer favorite due to its flexible, durable nature–and low price. But in recent years, studies on the impact of traditional plastics have revealed a much darker truth,...

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