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Taking Defensive Action for Personal and Environmental Safety

Geoengineering is the intentional manipulation of the environment, involving nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic, and/or other physical-agent activities that effect changes to Earth’s atmosphere and/or surface. For instance, if people build a dam and create a lake, that’s geoengineering. If people inject Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as dry ice, into the atmosphere to create rain, that’s geoengineering, too. Acid rain has led to the destruction of trees that have naturally managed earth’s climate for millions of years.

For years, governments at all levels have been allowing xenobiotic agents – including neurotoxicants, pulmonary agents, carcinogens and genotoxicants – to be showered upon us. Xenobiotic is a great spelling-bee word that begins with an ‘x’! Xenobiotic means “foreign to life.” By definition, it denotes a substance, typically a synthetic chemical, that is foreign to the biotic, the living, system.

“Geoengineering also includes physical agents that may be invisible, such as lasers, microwaves and other types of electromagnetic radiation.  We are surrounded by insidious activities that have powerful effects on public health and the environment.There are, however, strategic actions people can take to help protect our health and our environment, including rain water sampling, advocating for a Geoengineering Act, learning more about geoengineering and educating others.”

What hazards are deployed for atmospheric geoengineering, and how is the harm known?

Rain water testing almost always indicates higher-level presence of aluminum, barium, strontium and sulfur dioxide. Everyone can participate in rain-water testing by collecting rain in a Pyrex glass casserole and transferring it to a glass jar to mail to one of the following labs:

BASIC LABORATORY, 2218 Railroad Ave. Redding, CA 96001
(530) 243-7234; FAX (530) 243-7494  Email:

McCAMPBELL ANALYTICAL, INC.,  1534 Willow Pass Road Pittsburg, CA 94565-1701
Toll Free Telephone: (877) 252-9262; FAX (925)252-9269   Email:

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Wendy Fachon is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings Magazine and Sustainable Living News and host of the Story Walking Radio Hour on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network. Visit and search out her podcasts on sustainable living.

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