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Default Alt Tag for this pageMoms Across America is committed to creating healthy communities. A healthy community includes access to locally grown organic food and thriving small farmers. The current shutdown has caused cancellations of school and restaurant orders and closure of farmers markets across the country. Many small farmers have had all or nearly all of their income disappear. In addition, many of their workers or volunteers cannot come to their farm and harvest their crops, so crops are rotting in the fields. This situation is dire for small farmers that we depend on for healthy food and healthy communities. We must support them in this time of need!

However, despite giant bail outs for other corporations our government specifically left out small farmers from the CARES stimulus package, so no help is on the way.

We need our small family farms! Now is the time for stepping up, creating more local consumer to farmer connections, and strengthening our society.

5 ways you can find local farmers and purchase direct:

Find local farmers and support them by buying direct! Here is a link to the National CSA Directory. The USDA site has a CSA list that includes organic and non-organic. CSA Day 2019 also has a list.  Also search on Modern Farmer. Grocers that sell “ugly” fruit and veggies are found hereImperfect Foods delivers to certain areas.  LEARN MORE HERE

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