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 Ethical Markets share: Dr. Hazel Henderson, CEO ©2020

“Ethical Markets highly recommends these thought from investment managers who see beyond the current pandemic and all the planet’s feedback teaching our unsustainable societies, to the ways forward to restructuring our economies for long term, cleaner, greener, knowledge-richer paths to our common future.

Georg Kell shares: “Neither military power nor wealth can stop the destructive global spread of COVID-19, a tiny member of the Coronavirus family. Its full human impact and economic cost will not be known for months to come. The virus is only now spreading amongst the most vulnerable populations, the millions who are cramped into refugee camps, and the hundreds of millions who live in city slums or in poverty without proper sanitation or medical support. As the pandemic is unfolding, it is revealing human vulnerabilities and showcasing the importance of good leadership and well-functioning, universal social and health care systems…click below for full article.


Lessons Learned from COVID-19

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