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The Second Genesis Awakening™ Archives with Debara Bruhn Towt

Connecting to the Ancient of Days…Within Us All…

11-01-21 Connecting to the Ancient of Days...Within Us All... This week's show once again has adam't in the House, speaking about the Ancient Connections that began and continue for him from his Beginnings of a 100% plant based, organically grown diet of nuts, seeds,...

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GROW what you eat & eat what you GROW

08-23-21 GROW what you eat & eat what you GROW You are in for a treat on this episode, our good friend Susan Whiting WE our blessed everyday by her friendship and bigger than life spirit. Susan is no stranger to organic gardening, from the start as a young...

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Living a Life Free of Sickness and Disease 

07-26-21 Living a Life Free of Sickness and Disease  Debara welcomes back to the hour a new episode with lovely guest & friend, Kathrine Scott who shares more about how the body knows how to heal itself, her plant based journey and her new classes on healthy...

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Finding Truths…Wherever They Come From

06-28-21 FINDING TRUTHS...WHEREVER THEY COME FROM Adam't joins the Chorus of Voices once again...offering Insights into specific plant medicines we can all make at ingredients in our local markets, etc. What makes this Show most interesting is the Sources...

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Living a life Free of Sickness and Disease

04-19-21 Living a life Free of Sickness and Disease The way back to living a life of joy that is possible and doable   "If you are asking yourself these questions and find yourself fatigued with symptoms of memory loss, blurry eyes from covid recovery. If you are...

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03-22-21 HOPE HEALTH HAPPINESS- Harmony Series  Adam’t Gardener is the Commentator and Narrator for this one hour Ride on what he calls…The Human Accelerator™. Author of two books, writer & visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Foods Whole Herb...

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02-22-21 HOPE HEALTH HAPPINESS- Harmony Series  Debara welcomes to the hour lovely guest & friend, Katherine Scott to share with us her inspiring, Journey of Healing, Plant based diet and much more.... Kathrine: I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1996....

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11-23-20 HOPE HEALTH HAPPINESS = HARMONY SERIES  Two of Debara's dear friends: Carol Letkey Visionary Founder of The Village of Many Nations sharing stories with us of her hands-on experiences of harmony. Carol lived at the village among the people, the tribes and...

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Adam T’s Lamentations, Come Take the Plant based Challenge

01-20-20 Look for Surprise visits with Adam't Gardener 1st Living Segment: Adam's Lamentations, Come Take the Plant based Challenge This 1st Living Segment .. Adam’s lamentations, Starting Year 2020 ... Come take the Plant based Challenge Adam’t is in the HOUSE (Host...

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