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04-19-21 Living a life Free of Sickness and Disease

The way back to living a life of joy that is possible and doable  

“If you are asking yourself these questions and find yourself fatigued with symptoms of memory loss, blurry eyes from covid recovery.

If you are finding your hair is falling out like many around the world as two dear friends of Debara asked these questions for all of us, on this episode..

Debara turns this hour Broadcast over to Adam’t who shares his recent sobering heartfelt encouraging thoughts and experiences of his journey back to health …  This show is for you! Have a pen and paper ready you might find you want to take notes . ”  Host  Debara Bruhn Towt

Adam’t Gardener, Human Accelerator™ Author of two books, writer & visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Foods Whole Herb Medicine Man…he has been living on a 100% plant based diet for over 30 years. His Knowledge and Wisdom is a Bridge Connecting two islands of Human Reality.

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