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It’s that time of year…a Changing Season of Renewal, Rebirth and Birth. Explore the simple actions we can take to bring ourselves more into that Enchanting & Magical Way to be Human in our daily lives. We have a Body…it is a Gift from a Living Universe…find out more about Becoming an Integral Harmonic in the greater Universal Harmonic of Life.


dot matrix posterBack in the day the picture you see here was called a dot matrix poster created by early versions of CAD…Computer Assisted Design programs. There is an image in this “scattering” of “blotches” that actually gives the viewer an image of the Statue of LIberty, the New York City skyline and a rising Sun. The way to see the image is by focusing on a certain point either in front of the actual poster about 12″ or behind the poster about 12″. One vision is called divergent…the other convergent…because of how the eyes do not focus in normal parallel vision. It is an Amazing Event to develop this natural ability we all have. If you normally wear glasses it works best to take them off.

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