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Katherine Scott07-26-21 Living a Life Free of Sickness and Disease 

Debara welcomes back to the hour a new episode with lovely guest & friend, Kathrine Scott who shares more about how the body knows how to heal itself, her plant based journey and her new classes on healthy eating as she demonstrates recipes that do not need cooking … Kirlian photography, how it shows more about the Photon energy frequency in fruits and Vegetables

Kathrine: I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1996. Called after Thomas Hodgkin who was a British pathologist who first described this “disease” in the early 1800’s.On that day I had no idea what Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was or that it was a type of “cancer”. I soon learned quite quickly. There was an urgency in the doctor’s recommendation that I meet with another member of staff who will detail my options to me. And for them there was only one option, which was chemotherapy.

The mention of cancer frightened me and from that day until I read Ann Wigmore’s book “The Wheatgrass Book” I lived in fear. I began treatment shortly afterwards and the effects of that first treatment rendered me weak and in awful pain. I didn’t know back then that the chemotherapy they injected me with was not curing me but instead adding to my clogged up lymphatic system. Because that is what my problem was…..A Blocked up Lymphatic System!

The information about the raw and living food diet and wheat grass juice in Ann Wigmore’s book was so compelling and rang so true to me, I immediately adopted the program. As I experienced the diet and practiced the detoxification techniques, I experienced an extraordinary feeling of well being. At that point, I lost all fear of the disease returning and found unbounded hope based on a new-found knowledge and direct experience.

Since that time, I have studied more about health and my confidence in the body healing itself has grown tremendously, provided you give it the foods that the human body is designed for, which is foods from the garden.  Particularly fruits and greens in their natural state. I taught healthy eating classes for eight years demonstrating recipes that didn’t need cooking. I ran a Raw Food Retreat center for awhile where people came and stayed for a week or more.  I am passionate about helping people back to health. It is not a chore for me as I love it!

I am from South West Ireland. Grew up on a farm for first part of my life.  Lived for 9 years in Dublin city, 16 years in London and I have been living in Utah since 2007. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

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