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03-22-21 HOPE HEALTH HAPPINESSHarmony Series 

Adam’t Gardener is the Commentator and Narrator for this one hour Ride on what he calls…The Human Accelerator™. Author of two books, writer & visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Foods Whole Herb Medicine Man…he has been living on a 100% plant based diet for over 30 years. His Knowledge and Wisdom is a Bridge Connecting two islands of Human Reality.

Adam’t Gardener joins us on this new edition as he shares his journey & findings from living from an Organic Living Plant based diet about ….

The Lymphatic system is so important in fighting viruses in our bodies. The Immune Response is a primary function of the lymphatic system & Why eating 80% alkaline~ and non-mucus forming foods like Fresh squeezed juices in our everyday Lives, Organic Roman lettuce ~ Apples ~ Parsley ~ Carrots ~ ginger and some lemon …  is a sustaining & giving our lives, a dose of ease and wellbeing with every bite. A Preventive Action of sickness and disease into a Spontaneous Regeneration of health.

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