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Mind Health Matters Archives with Bernie Siegel M.D. & Co-Host Lionel Ketchian

Happy Anniversary Dr Bernie!

07-19-17  Happy Anniversary Dr Bernie! Today on Mind Health Matters we celebrate Dr Bernie & Bobbie’s 63rd wedding anniversary with stories around marriage,...

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Do What Makes You Happy!

06-21-17  Do What Makes You Happy! Join Dr Bernie Siegel and his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais for Being Authentic. Losing a life, giving...

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Is Life Really Fair?

05-07-17  Is Life Really Fair? Dr Bernie finds many people asking if life is fair. Do we learn from our emotions through our experiences? Bernie shares how he is a...

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Poetry~ Its Therapeutic Value

04-02-17   Poetry~ Its Therapeutic Value Everything from tomatoes in the refrigerator to a letter from Mohammed Ali. You are not what you lost. Nature, trees and...

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Mother Teresa Quotes

02-05-17   Mother Teresa Quotes Dr Bernie shares some of his favorite Mother Teresa quotes, how her messages apply today, and a number of other topics around...

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Learning From Our Feelings

01-08-17   Learning From Our Feelings Dealing with our feelings on the holidays and what we learn from them… Bernie shares insights, stories and thought provoking...

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Benefiting from Our Experiences

12-04-16   Benefiting from Our Experiences Dr Bernie and Lionel discuss benefiting from our experiences, whether they are negative or positive. Lionel mentioned to...

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Choose Life, Choose Love

10-18-16  Choose Life, Choose Love Dr Bernie gets together with is radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais. What would love do? Bernie shares doing...

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The Healing Power of Love

09-13-16  The Healing Power of Love Dr Bernie comes together with his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais to have an open discussion of love...

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Humor with Dr Bernie Siegel

08-09-16   Humor with Dr Bernie Siegel Mind, Heart & Health Matters! The heart matters a great deal! Dr Bernie comes together with his radioactive family...

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The Meaning Of Life

07-12-16 Mind, Heart & Health Matters! The heart matters a great deal! The Meaning Of Life. The Meaning Of Life… If people want to learn more about what that...

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Different Perceptions

04-10-16   Different Perceptions Dr Bernie speaks of an experience where he thought he was joking with someone, and yet they perceived it as insensitive. Where we...

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Are You Listening?

03-08-16  Are you Listening? How do married couples stay happily together? How do parents ensure great relationships with their children? How do CEOs stay on top?...

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Guest Irene Drabkin CHHC, AADP

01-12-16   Irene Drabkin CHHC, AADP is a health and wellness educator and a speaker. She is known for offering attention-grabbing highly effective seminars,...

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