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Vicki Atlas Israel, CGIP04-21-22 Inner Peace Time with Vicki Atlas Israel

Vicki Atlas Israel is a Speaker, Mindset Meditation Coach, and the Author of “Inner Power NOW” to help children and families thrive. The book’s Foreword is written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield, co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul®” series.

Certified in Guided Imagery, she also is the founder of a new soothing app for the whole family called INNER PEACE TIME. The app is designed to be used as well by professionals who work with children and families. To learn more about the breakthrough app for families, go to:

As a result of Vicki’s training and coaching, families, health care providers, and educators go from feeling overwhelmed, over-stressed, and burned-out to becoming calm and focused—from stressed to being their best. Certified in Guided Imagery and Stress Management, she is also a consultant at a pediatric hospital performing research with a major university.

In private practice, Vicki coaches her clients on how to relieve stress, rise above challenges, be fearless, so they can create richer lives. She understands what it is like to go through health challenges with herself and her children having experienced anxiety and insomnia. She experienced a transformation when she re-discovered powerful mind-body practices.

Now, for nearly 15 years, Vicki meditates and does guided imagery daily, along with other mind-body practices. She has taken Advanced Meditation training with Dr. Joe Dispenza, bestselling author of Becoming Supernatural and You Are the Placebo. Mindfulness training with James Baraz, author of Awakening Joy, and is certified as a Miracles Life Coach and Guided Imagery through One Health Academy of Integrative Medicine. Her purpose is to spread love, joy, and healing—to empower the best mindset for vibrant health and happiness! To learn more about Vicki’s training and book:

NEW breakthrough app for families called Inner Peace Time that recently launched in January. This could be a great solution to clear away the stress and fear from the pandemic. As you may know, pediatric studies reveal rates of depression and anxiety may have doubled in children since the pandemic. From a beta test conducted during COVID, the Inner Peace Time app shows great promise to help families going through a difficult challenge.

Free gift is at
Coupon code for the app is bernie10   (10% off).  There’s also a 7-day free trial.

Vicki Atlas Israel, CGIP
App Founder and Author, Inner Power NOW
Mindset and Meditation Coach, Certified in Guided Imagery
Mobile: 314-623-7679

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