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Dr. Mona Balogh03-18-21 How to Stay Out of My Emergency Room with Dr. Mona Balogh, M.D.

Master Your Health and Find Joy in Life by Balancing the Power of Your Mind, Your Body and Your Higher Self 

A Positive Program Of Living For Uncertain Times

Mona Balogh, M.D. is a retired Emergency Room Physician. She received her medical degree at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. Her residency was completed in Emergency Medicine at the well-known Los Angeles County General Hospital near downtown L.A., notable for its proximity to South Central and serving an underserved population that often arrived at the ER without resources for medical care. She offered her medical expertise as a volunteer for The Flying Samaritans, which mission is to deliver free health care to those lacking access in Baja California, Mexico.

Dr. Balogh in her early career eventually landed at Kaiser Woodland Hills Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, where she practiced as an ER doctor for many years. Over time, she came to regard the practice of medicine as a true art, and learned that even simple lifestyle changes can directly impact patient outcomes.

Probably because of what many would agree to be a wise approach, Dr. Balogh became interested in alternative medicine midway in her career, after attending an Addiction Medicine seminar. This passion led her to more study on holistic approaches to health. She pursued other therapeutic modalities that could complement evidence-based (Western) medicine. Since then, she has studied both formally and informally: acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy medicine, herbal, and homeopathic medicine. Her interest in treating and helping the most resistant of patients, the ‘frequent flyers,’ led her to write this book. She lives with her husband, Endre, an artist and musician in Chatsworth, California and is enjoying her children and grandchildren.

Los Angeles, CA – Over the course of twenty-seven years treating patients in emergency rooms, Dr. Mona Balogh noticed a tendency – from diabetes to addiction – for some people to chronically use ERs to address their disease when lifestyle changes could help their condition immensely. These “Frequent Fliers” didn’t seem to understand how to help themselves. Dr. Balogh took the road less travelled, convinced there had to be a more comprehensive and effective roadmap she could offer to help her patients restore their health and vitality.

How to Stay Out of My Emergency Room addresses a panoply of bad habits and addictions through captivating stories of Dr. Balogh’s interactions with patients who repeatedly return to her emergency room due to their tendency to avoid making lifestyle changes. Delving deeper, we soon learn that there might be a Frequent Flyer hidden in many of us.

The second part of the book moves into action, presenting a roadmap to instilling healthy new habits into our lives – complete with worksheets. By applying the Eastern philosophy of opposing forces with The 12 Steps and Vipassana-inspired meditations, the book provides a foundation for the reader to help themselves escape from whatever unhealthy rut in which they find themselves. In a series of powerful game-changing meditations we get in touch with our Higher Self.

How to Stay Out of My Emergency room calls upon time-honored principles to help us stop blaming everybody and everything around us and use tools outlined in the book to fulfill the vision that we have for ourselves and our life.

Not since the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People has there been an “instruction manual” that powerfully presents such a positive program of living. This book will be useful to the health professional, the caregiver and for anyone who is ready to do what is necessary to transform their lives and become their very best self.

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