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Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer09-23-21 Dare to Care How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Medical World with Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer

Healthcare’s ‘Silent Pandemic’ — How Caregivers Can Better Care for Themselves and Their Patients

Dr. Jan (Yon) recently appeared with luminaries including Deepak Chopra and Rupert Sheldrake in The Science of Healing Summit. He discussed what he calls a “silent pandemic” in healthcare — a “pandemic of fear.”

Fear creates a sense of separation and isolation that fuels many mental health concerns of healthcare providers and patients. Understanding this dynamic compelled Dr. Jan to found Heart Based Medicine, a global network of healthcare professionals and patients exploring the natural healing potential that exists between provider and patient. Heart Based Medicine teaches caregivers that love is the primary healing force, and that illness can be a gateway to healing

“There is a difference between cure and healing,” he says. “What I learned at medical school was about cure, but what I didn’t really learn about is about healing.”

“The aim of heart-based medicine is to provide training and to provide education to healthcare providers and patients to reclaim their initial motivation in terms of healing rather than cure.”

Dr. Jan serves as professor of pediatrics, infectious diseases, and vaccines at the University of Basel Children’s Hospital, Switzerland. Heart Based Medicine is a nonprofit foundation helping medical professionals, caregivers, and others maintain compassion and empathy for their patients and for themselves. Learn more at and

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