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Guest Host Janine Sullivan and Student Kaitlin Sullivan

02-12-17   Guest Host Janine Sullivan and Student Kaitlin Sullivan The Community Service Experience. The Value of Being of Service. How it Makes One Feel with Student Kaitlin Sullivan Cove Queen Janine Sullivan  is a freelance writer and poet.  When Janine is not...

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Snowball’s Great Adventure, Author Melissa Robillard

08-14-16  Snowball’s Great Adventure, Author Melissa Robillard Deborah Beauvais Welcomes Janine Sullivan who shares Melissa’s journey through the creation of children’s book Snowball’s Great Adventure.  With a rare neurological disease called leukodystrophy, Melissa...

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Mariah Smith Founder of Blankets For the Homeless

01-10-16  Co-Host  Mariah Smith Founder of Blankets For the Mariah Smith was born and abandoned on Christmas Eve 22 years ago, from Homeless to Helper Mariah is the founder of a rapidly growing Homeless ministry. Mariah started this organization in...

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Guest Scarlett Lewis in Memory of Kids at Newtown CT

12-13-15  Special Presentation on the Kids 4 Love Project Show in celebration and in memory of 6yr.old Jessie Lewis and all the kids and teachers who were massacred in Newtown CT. December 14th 2012~ Guest Scarlett Lewis Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse Lewis and...

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Co-Host Cook Time Remmi Smith

11-08-15 Co-Host Cook Time Remmi Smith "The only thing that keeps you from getting success is yourself. If you don’t go after it, if you don’t take a step forward, you’re just taking two steps back because you’re really not doing anything.” -Remmi Smith, 14, of Tulsa,...

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10-Year Celebration of Joshua’s Heart Foundation

09-13-15   10-Year Celebration of Joshua’s Heart Foundation & Kids Making a Difference in Communities How Joshua’s heart is training leaders for tomorrow. Kids making a difference in the community join the show: Colin Wanless 10 years old just started a Chapter-...

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Co-Hosts Inventor Lily Born & Songwriter Niki Singh

08-09-15   Co-Hosts Inventor Lily Born & Songwriter Niki Singh Co-Host Lily Born: Twelve-year-old Lily Born saw her grandfather, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, struggle to use a regular cup, spilling his drink in the process. Inspired to find a...

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Peace, Love and Joy…

 07-05-15   Peace, Love and Joy… We create these powerful emotions within our hearts to strengthen ourselves and to radiate their frequencies out to the world around us. We model peace, love and joy through our actions. We teach children through our peaceful, loving...

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Beagle Freedom Project

05-10-15  10 yr. Old James Hicks, advocate for Beagle Freedom Project got involved with Beagle Freedom Project after seeing one of their first videos. He’s against animal testing, so he donated his saved up allowance to give to BFP, and got his mom to buy only...

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Co-Host 14yr. Old Joshua Williams

04-12-15  Co-Host 14yr. Old Joshua Williams Joshua William’s Message: Since I was 5 years old, I have wanted to so something to help the poor. I wanted to do this because I don’t want to see kids suffer. I am going to give people food and things so they can find a way...

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HealthBarn USA~March National Nutrition Month

03-08-15  Welcome back HealthBarn USA~March National Nutrition Month: “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle” plus Spring Gardening For more than nine years, through kids’ classes and summer camps at NJ Bergen-County based HealthBarn USA; at our elementary and middle school...

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Co- Host Annaleise Rebekah Carr

02-08-15 Co- Host Annaleise Rebekah Carr My name is Annaleise Rebekah Carr, and I am a 16-year-old marathon swimmer from Walsh, Ontario in Norfolk County. On August 19, 2012, I became the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario, with the goal of raising money and...

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