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 Kids-Wendy-Gail-300x20107-05-15   Peace, Love and Joy…

We create these powerful emotions within our hearts to strengthen ourselves and to radiate their frequencies out to the world around us. We model peace, love and joy through our actions. We teach children through our peaceful, loving and joyful presence…

Wendy Fachon, and Gail Ahlers will be running programs through the Pawtucket School Department this summer to promote physical activity and enjoyment of the outdoors. Pawtucket and other communities have a big problem with children getting too much screen time during the day. Gail Ahlers said she and Wendy will make a great combination in empowering Pawtucket youths to have the confidence to think differently through a variety of activities. If you take away a student’s fear, anxiety and self-doubt, behavior often improves and leadership skills emerge, she said.

Wendy Fachon, founder of Rhode Island Netwalking, who says society’s ever-increasing penchant for sitting in front of computer, TV and phone screens is not only causing greater health problems but making people less happy and productive. Wendy and students from Fallon Elementary School are quite a sight walking down the streets of Pawtucket to Slater Park on Thursday afternoons. The goal of the walks? Let kids be kids and expose them to the unexpected adventures of the great outdoors. “Kids these days spend an awful lot of time indoors on computers,” says Wendy. “We want to get them outside and open up their world.”

Gail Ahlers, Artistic Director and CEO moved to Providence from the New York area to pursue a life of art at Rhode Island School of Design. Once there, she discovered sculpture’s endless possibilities and earned her BFA in Light Metals in 1985. Upon graduating from RISD, she studied art history in Paris and received advanced sculpture training at the San Miguel de Allende Institute in Mexico.With expertise in precious metals and sculpture and a De Beers Shining Light Diamond Design Award under her belt, Gail bridged her design talent and artistry in 1989 by founding Ahlers Designs. Gail collaborates closely with each and every client to create original, significant art that honors the special occasion for which it’s made with timeless authenticity.

The Empowerment Factory is a community of leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs teaching programs and workshops that “Create smarter, happier and more empowered people.” We have a wide variety of classes. The founder, Gail Ahlers, says her passion is making art, creating joy and empowering

By some estimates each year 14 billion pounds of food are sent to landfills. Meanwhile nearly 30 million Americans including 12 million children are at risk of hunger. We Share Hope, a Rhode Island based food rescuer, needs your help to keep this from happening by encouraging organizations to offer food donations which are protected under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, by volunteering time, by people willing to use their vehicles to deliver food and by offering financial support.

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