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Hailey_6163.JPG04-10-16    Welcome 8yr.old Hailey Richman Assistant Director, Puzzles To Remember and Founder of Kid Caregivers!

Co-Host 8yr.old Hailey Richman

My name is Hailey, I am 8 years old. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. I have been caring for my grandmother since I was 4 years old. I created Kid Caregivers for kids who are caregivers. A caregiver is someone who takes care of a loved one who needs help. I want other kids to know that they are not alone; there are many of us out there!

Please visit my blog to get support, tips and ideas about caregiving. If you have a question please share it and together we can find a solution! was created to provide support and encouragement for children who are providing care for a sick, elderly or disabled family member. This forum hopes to offer ideas, suggestions and tips to make life a bit easier for kids. If a child has a question about caregiving or just needs a place to share their feelings, we are here for them!
Hailey’s Blog:

PUZZLES TO REMEMBER is a 501(c)3 organization that provides puzzles to nursing homes, veterans facilities, and other facilities that care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Puzzles To Remember was founded in 2008 by Max Wallack, who recognized the calming effect of puzzles and many other benefits on people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Max graduated from Boston University, Summa Cum Laude, in 2015, and is now a medical school student.

Since 2011, Puzzles To Remember’s Assistant Director, Hailey Richman, age 8, has been distributing puzzles to nursing facilities in the New York area. Hailey spends time doing the puzzles with nursing home residents. She always brightens their days. If you have puzzles that you would like to donate, please contact us at  and we will find a location near you where you can bring your puzzles. We can also provide you with a donation letter so that you can claim the value of your puzzles as a tax deduction.

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