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Healing Times Radio~Conversations with Extraordinary People Archives with Dr. Emmett Miller

What is High-Quality Homeopathy?

05-13-16  What is High-Quality Homeopathy? - A Conversation With Roger Morrison MD, Co-founder of America's Original Homeopathic College Trailblazer Roger Morrison was very disappointed with the way he saw patients being treated in his work as an emergency room...

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How to Create Conversations that Matter

05-06-16 How to Create Conversations that Matter -A Conversation with Juanita Brown As you probably know from my recent book, Our Culture On The Couch – Seven Steps to Global Healing, I believe the only way out of our current mess is for us to stop being controlled by...

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The Worry Solution- A Conversation with Dr. Rossman

 04-29-16   The Worry Solution - A Conversation with Marty Rossman MD Our guest is Professor Martin Rossman, whose work has paralleled mine for several decades, during which time we have been colleagues and friends. There seems to be so much to worry about these days...

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Integral Nursing, A Modern Day Florence Nightingale

04-15-16   Integral Nursing, A Modern Day Florence Nightingale: A Conversation with Barbara Dossey In keeping with the International Women’s Day theme for 2014, Inspiring Change, we are honored to bring you a conversation with Barbara Dossey, PhD, who Dr. Miller...

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Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton

04-08-16  Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton As part of our new series on “Healing Cancer,” Dr. Miller will interview Maggie Creighton, a near legend in cancer self-care. Now, you may not recognize that name right off, but if you have heard of...

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In Memory of: Angeles Arrien, Ph.D-The Wisdom of the World

03-18-16   In Memory of: The Wisdom of the World: A Conversation with Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. Angeles Arrien Ph.D. has been one of my favorite people for many years, as one of those who has been as interested in trans-cultural approaches to psychology, spirituality, and...

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Beyond Health to Peak Wellness –Warrior Pose

03-11-16   Beyond Health to Peak Wellness –Warrior Pose: A Conversation with Bhava Ram We all bemoan the pathetic state of today’s pandering television news and newscasters. Instead of their being our eyes and ears to tell us the truth about our world, they have sold...

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A Conversation with Gary Knisely & Judy Schwarz

02-26-16   A Conversation with Gary Knisely & Judy Schwarz The wife of one of my college classmates had a brain tumor that had failed to respond to chemotherapy and radiation, and instead of waiting out the last few months of her life with gradually increasing...

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Dementia and Journaling~ A Conversation with Don Cramer

02-19-16  Dementia and Journaling~ A conversation with Don Cramer Don and Whitney had experienced many years of a deep, warm, and joyful Love. Then, in her fifties, Whitney began to show the signs of Dementia. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which worsened over...

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From S.A.D. to Glad

02-05-16  From S.A.D. to Glad: How to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, and Feel Happy Again – A Conversation with Jonathan Robinson If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, your options have previously been limited. You could go to a medical doctor and...

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Energy Medicine, in the Words of One of It’s Inventors

01-22-16  Energy Medicine, in the Words of One of It's Inventors - A Conversation with Norm Shealy, MD Listen to this remarkable conversation between two of the prime movers in the holistic medical movement. Norm will share with us what led to his creating the famous...

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Wake Up to Your Dreams

 12-18-15  Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career, and Health While You Sleep - a Conversation with Justina Lasley “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake” – Henry David Thoreau We usually think of our waking lives as the source of...

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The Essence of Meditation and Spiritual Freedom

12-04-15   The Essence of Meditation and Spiritual Freedom – A Conversation with Ex–Carmelite Nun Kimberly Braun I discovered Kimberly Braun while browsing through TED Talks. Although she was talking about a very practical approach to spirituality, it turns out that...

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