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DrMiller-Saputo10-21-16   The Value of Having a Physician who Cares: A Conversation with Len Saputo MD

Many people enter the field of medicine and become physicians because of the enhanced social standing and the money that can be made, but some physicians enter the field because they love people and really want to bring healing to them. Len Saputo is that latter kind of physician. In this conversation you will learn of his journey, and what he has learned in his 30+ years of patient-centered practice.

A graduate of a Duke University Medical School and board certified in medicine, he did everything he could for his patients at the John Muir Medical Center in the San Francisco Bay area, but for 25 years was desperately unhappy – he realized that he was only treating the symptoms of people’s illness and not creating the kind of health and happiness he had dreamed of.

It was then that his awakening took place and for the past 15 years, he has become a leader in the health/medicine movement, founding the Health/Medicine Forum, a non-profit educational foundation, and the Health Medicine Center, And Integrative Medicine Center located in Walnut Creek, California. In this very stimulating interview, you will hear his story, what changed his mind, and the healing tools he learned to bring into his practice.

Dr. Saputo sees illness as being primarily an opportunity to learn. You’ll learn how Dr. Saputo treats pain as a message leading to the discovery of higher purpose, how he sees his primary purpose as care and support, and how he treats the people he sees as friends rather than as “patients”.

You’ll hear how his wife’s illness awakened him to another level of practicing medicine and how important it was, he discovered, to understand that totality of his patients and how it led to what he calls his practice of “lifestyle medicine.” And you will learn how to provide these principles to your life.

He’ll talk about his newest book, the 2010 Nautilus Gold Award Book of the Year in health and healing, “Return to Healing: Radical Healthcare Reform and the Future of Medicine.” He’ll share with us the level of dishonesty there is in medical research, the corruption in medical organizations, the greed of the pharmaceutical companies, and his other discoveries about why it is that we continue to have a healthcare system that is not at all focused on creating or preserving health. This promises to be a great interview – don’t miss it.

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