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Healing Times Radio~Conversations with Extraordinary People Archives with Dr. Emmett Miller

The Power of Music and The Healing Environment

08-29-14  Topic: The Power of Music and The Healing Environment: A Conversation with Susan Mazer, PhD. Not long after developing the tools of guided imagery meditation and Selective Awareness (mindfulness), I discovered how much more powerful they were when skillfully...

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Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton

08-22-14Topic: Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton As part of our new series on “Healing Cancer,” Dr. Miller will interview Maggie Creighton, a near legend in cancer self-care. Now, you may not recognize that name right off, but if you have heard of...

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Thriving in the Face of Severe or Fatal Illness

[plulz_social_like width="350" send="false" font="arial" action="like" layout="standard" faces="false" ] 08-15-14  Thriving in the Face of Severe or Fatal Illness – A Conversation with Erica Kosal A diagnosis of a severe, chronic, or fatal disease can be devastating –...

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The Wise Woman Way- Herbs & Sexuality

08-01-14  The Wise Woman Way- Herbs & Sexuality: A Conversation with Susun Weed What’s going on down “there”? – The Wise Woman Way – herbs, sexuality . . . Today’s guest is a little bit different from most of our guests here who tend to be scientists, physicians,...

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Cutting Edge Tools for Mind-Body Healing

07-25-14  Topic: Cutting Edge Tools for Mind-Body Healing: A Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier Dr. Pelletier is a Clinical Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, at the University of Arizona School of Medicine; and, a Clinical Professor of Medicine in...

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Physician Heal Thyself

06-20-14  Physician Heal Thyself – How We Can Help Medicine Get Over Its Own Illness: A Conversation With Rachel Remen, MD Today’s conversation features best-selling author, physician, and thought leader Rachel Remen M.D., whose work is changing doctors and...

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Love, Medicine And Dr. Bernie Siegel

06-06-14 Love, Medicine And Dr. Bernie Siegel Our guest is Dr. Bernard Siegel—or Bernie, as he prefers to be called. Our conversation will center on the healing potential in human beings, how the mainstream medical system fails to recognize or to utilize it, and how...

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