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DrMiller-Melissa Clarke-297x30010-07-16   Excuse Me Doctor! I’ve Got What?- Taking Ownership of Your Health- A Conversation with Melissa Clarke MD

Melissa Clarke is a practicing physician who has studied acupuncture, been dean of a medical school, and has written a book that should be on everybody’s bookshelf. It’s entitled: Excuse Me Doctor! I’ve Got What? – Taking Ownership Of Your Health And Making Healthcare Reform Work For You.

In this interview, you will discover a bright, compassionate, well-spoken physician who sincerely believes in her work. You’ll learn of Dr. Clarke’s experience with our pathetic medical system: when her father became ill, and the inadequacy evidence by the slowness of making the diagnosis, reactions to medications, etc., and will soon understand something of what inspired her to take a deeper look at what’s going on.

Dr. Clarke will share her personal story with us, and the personal challenge of doing something about the “Passive Patient Syndrome” in her efforts to create “Empowered Patients.”

In this extremely informative and practical interview, we will address the problem of there being so many different practitioners – allopaths, osteopaths, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and so forth. Dr. Clarke offers an excellent way to decide when faced with the question: “I’ve got a new problem . . . where do I start?”

“Healthcare is the last frontier of consumerism,” says Dr. Clarke. In every other area, we are informed consumers. Before we buy a TV, refrigerator, or car, we take the time to do research, and we ask the right questions, compare, decide, and negotiate, but when people enter the medical system, they rarely think in this way. Dr. Clarke’s suggestions are excellent.

What you will find especially interesting is our discussion of the 5 questions you must always put to your healthcare provider. They include such notions as:

  • “What’s wrong with me (in simple terms), what treatments are recommended (effects, side effects), cost, time frame?
  • What are the alternatives and what to expect with each?
  • What are the next steps and who’s responsible for making them?
  • What are the self-care activities I should be involved in to do my part in supporting the resolution of this problem?

Everyone will become a medical care consumer sooner or later, and the best advice I have to give is to listen to this compassionate physician, and check out her book.

Our show concludes with a brief meditation. Enjoy.

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