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Dreaming Healing Archives with Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos

Dreams of Deceased Loved-Ones

 06-16-20 Dreams of Deceased Loved-Ones Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones can prove that Love Never Dies. So many of us think that it is the end once a loved-one dies, including our pets. We will never see them again. And, we don’t…until they show up in our dreams. Why...

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Childhood: Call Me Worthy

06-09-20 Childhood: Call Me Worthy Dreams and Childhood go together like peanut and butter. How often do we find our childhood fears and traumas relived and remembered as adults?  A dysfunctional family life can have a lasting effect on us throughout life. Dr. Anne...

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Dreams & Intuitive Intelligence

06-02-20 Dreams & Intuitive Intelligence What happens when a vision of creative freedom, courageous risk-taking, and good timing come together? What if you focused on what fascinates you, then mastered some skills—including a level of intuitive decision-making...

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Dreams & Your Positive Tribe

 05-26-20 “Dreams & Your Positive Tribe” Have you ever been in a group or around people who did not make you feel good about yourself and made you ask the question, “Who are these people and why am I here with them?” Perhaps you are in the wrong Tribe. Humans are...

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Dreams… & YOUR 1 Habit Summit

05-19-20 Dreams… & YOUR 1 Habit Summit 1 Habit in your life could be lifesaving. Do you know what that 1 Habit is? Cort Davies and Dr. Bernie Siegel know and are here on Dreaming Healing to share the 1 Habit that saved their lives, which has become a 1 Habit...

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“Dreams and Quantum Spirituality”

05-12-20 “Dreams and Quantum Spirituality” Peter Canova is here to explain and discuss Quantum Spirituality: Science, Spirit, and the Path to Higher Consciousness.  Is science catching up to our past? Quantum Spirituality has been a part of our lives since the...

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PART 2: Dreams, & Prophecies

05-12-20 PART 2: Dreams, & Prophecies Part 2 of the Celestine Prophecies with author James Redfield. In an effort to help a world gripped by hate and corruption on all sides, a growing wave of Consciousness is sweeping the planet. A new generation is waking up to...

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Dreams, Prophecies, and Ascension

04-21-20 Dreams, Prophecies, and Ascension In an effort to help a world gripped by hate and corruption on all  sides, a growing wave of Consciousness is sweeping the planet. A new generation is waking up to the Celestine Prophecies and Ascension to a Higher Realm....

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Dreams & Dr. Paula

04-07-20 Dreams & Dr. Paula How might hidden blocks in our past be holding us back from claiming our future?  Could our our past lives be affecting our present life-especially during the COVID-19 outbreak? Dr. Paula says, "Keep Smiling." Tune in to the Dreaming...

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Dreams of Caregivers

03-17-20 Dreams of Caregivers Caregiving takes compassion, patience, and Living Love. Our guest share heart centered-practices that can help anyone experience the real, the good, the true, and the beautiful part of caregiving that may be long term or just a few days....

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“Say Yes! to Life”

03-03-20 “Say Yes! to Life” Have you ever actually said YES to life or just lived from one moment to another without giving life much thought? “To say Yes! to life is to fall into your heart, to fall into the place within you where you are most fully human, most...

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Life After Life: The Long Road Home

02-18-20 Life After Life: The Long Road Home Our world is experiencing catastrophic shifts on physical and emotional levels. Change, especially death, is frightening. Death can manifest itself in dreams as past lives. Yet, change is the natural process of life....

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Life Journey an Identity

02-04-20 Life Journey an Identity Change can be frightening. How do we know when it is time to make a move in our life? Rev./Dr. Stephanie Red Feather discusses her story Time to Get Out in the book Chaos to Clarity. We also discuss how an empath’s qualities are...

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Life After Life: Is Death The End?  

01-28-20 Life After Life: Is Death The End? Where do we go when we die? Sooner or later, everyone eventually asks questions about end-of-life. What happens to me when my physical body dies? Where did my loved-one REALLY go? Is there an afterlife or is it just a Fairy...

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UFOs and Hyper-Civilizations

01-21-20 UFOs and Hyper-Civilizations There are an unimaginably great number of places in the Universe where a civilization, similar to ours, could emerge and develop. Some of these civilizations must have appeared a very long time ago, and their representatives would...

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Chaos, Life and Love Never Dies

01-14-20 Chaos, Life and Love Never Dies Teresa Velardi “sold her soul for a wedding ring,” Anrita Melchizedek had her young children abducted to another country by her ex-husband, Helen Brennand lost her infant son whose body language told her to “listen to your...

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01-07-20 Balance-Success-Love We do not have to allow our childhood traumas to rule our adult life. Nor do we need have to give up our material comforts in order to pursue the promise of spiritual fulfillment. Dr. Anna Gatmon and Dr. Jane Galloway offer riveting...

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Our Limitless Soul and the Silver Miracle

12-17-19 Our Limitless Soul and the Silver Miracle Access the Soul Level of Your Mind to Resolve Current Life Issues. Featuring numerous past life, afterlife, and future life case studies, The Limitless Soul invites you to explore the many aspects of a soul's...

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