How to Build Your Dreams and Live your Sparkle in 5 Sparkly Steps

11-17-17  How to Build Your Dreams and Live your Sparkle in 5 Sparkly Steps

Dreamvisions 7 Radio YouTube Live Episode

Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle! with Lora Cheadle

Topic: How to Build Your Dreams and Live your Sparkle in 5 Sparkly Steps

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The Reality of Manifesting

11-15-17  The Reality of Manifesting

Manifesting is kind of a thing right now. There are books, videos, workshops and webinars on how to manifest. If everyone knows how to manifest, why are so many people still struggling? Why does it seem to work for some people but not for others? In today’s show, Lora breaks down the reality of manifesting. How it works, why it doesn’t work, and what you can do to ensure that your manifestations produce results. Quit wasting your time and energy! Break out of frustration and learn exactly how to manifest today!

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Exploring Relationships

11-08-17  Exploring Relationships

Relationships. Everyone dreams of finding Their One True Love, but does that even exist? In today’s show we explore relationships. How to find them, get them, and keep them once we have them. Lora will share with you sure-fire tips to attracting the kind of relationships you desire, as well as how to keep relationships once you have them. She explores the divine purpose of relationships in the first place; self-growth, and discusses the concept of how irritation within relationships is often the catalyst for growth that we desperately need. She also explores mirroring, and how our significant other’s most irritating qualities are often times the very qualities in ourselves that we are denying, or have not yet dealt with.

Remember, all relationships require relating., and relating is a verb, meaning it’s active, transitory, and is most certainty, not always perfect, joyful and fulfilling!

Me, Too. – And What to do if You Were

11-01-17  Me, Too. – And What to do if You Were

Maybe you have seen this on people’s Facebook Status, and maybe not. This movement was started in order to raise awareness about sexual assault and sexual harassment by encouraging those who have experienced either to share that fact with others as well as to reduce the stigma associated with being a victim.

In today’s show Lora explores the legal definition of sexual assault and sexual harassment, our societal beliefs and attitudes about any type of harassment or assault short of rape, and how we can all become part of the solution instead of (inadvertently) being part of the problem

Then, using hypnotherapy techniques Lora gives readers the tools to either remove or rewrite any disturbing or traumatic memories that they have, whether they are a survivor of sexual assault, sexual harassment or any other trauma.

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