Running for Westminster City Council with Dr. Kathryn Skulley

10-25-17  Running for Westminster City Council with Dr. Kathryn Skulley

Dr. Kathryn Skulley is a long time resident of Colorado. Kathryn and her husband Bill were raised in Colorado and attended the University of Northern Colorado. Kathryn has lived in Westminster for twenty five years, living in both Jefferson and Adams Counties. She is an educator and has worked at Front Range Community College for seventeen years. Kathryn and Bill have two children who both attended Jeffco Public Schools.

With a doctorate in leadership and demonstrated leadership skills in management roles, she is committed to thoughtful planning, considered preparation, and strategic implementation of a welcoming and inclusive city; living, working, and playing balance; sustainable and safe environment; attainable housing; and community partnerships.

Learn how Kathryn is building her dream and living her sparkle by running for Westminster City Council. Despite having never run for public office before, Katherine headed the call, listened to the call of her heart, and is trusting her truth by doing exactly what she knows she needs to do!

Process of Learning

10-18-17  Process of Learning

Learning. Whether we know it or not, we are all learning every moment of every day. We learn from people we meet, things we watch, read or hear. Instead of being passive learners, and risk learning bad habits or negative beliefs, we can choose what it is we learn, thereby creating the life we want. When we understand the process of learning, we can take control over our thought, feelings and world. This show will teach you how!​

Aging and Women, Part 2

10-11-17  Aging and Women, Part 2

Last week’s show featured a round table discussion between women who were all around age 50. They shared their perceptions on being women who were aging, which inextricably led to discussing sexism, the participatory and the double standards women and men face in our world. This week, we feature two women who are around 70. These women share their stories, highlighting the differences that 20 years can make.

Aging: Maiden-Mother-Crone

10-04-17  Aging: Maiden-Mother-Crone

Aging. It’s something that we all do, and it’s something none of us like to talk or think about! But whether we talk about it or not, every day, we are still getting older. Join us for this week’s show on aging and women and the experience of being an aging woman in today’s world. During this round table discussion we will discuss sexism with regards to age, the archetype of Maiden-Mother-Crone, how older women are perceived in the working world, the dating world, the entertainment world, sexuality, menopause and what we as women are doing to (inadvertently) enforce the patriarchy as well as create a culture that supports and nurtures other women.