Are you Ready for a Simple, yet Stunningly Life-changing Show?

04-18-18 Are you Ready for a Simple, yet Stunningly Life-changing Show?

Join Lora as she teaches you exactly how to “drive your own car” through this journey we call life. Then, enjoy a twenty minute guided meditation, where you are able to claim you power, release unhealthy entanglements from others, and fully reset your own life.

True Power, The Fallacy of Force, and How To Drive Your Own Live

We like to think of ourselves as being strong and capable, and for the most part, we are! But because we live in a world that makes us believe we can make, or force, things to happen, we lose touch with the fact that the only thing we can control is ourselves. No matter how much the world tells us otherwise, we cannot make anyone else do what we want. And paradoxically, our true power lies in the absence of force; in the realization that although we cannot control anything, but that we still need to stay at the wheel. We still need to steer our own course for our own benefit.

We all have dreams, goals and desires, and it’s perfectly acceptable to go after our dreams, to fight for our goals, and to pursue our desires. Often times, our hard work and dedication pays off, and we achieve exactly what it is we desires. Psychologically it’s good for us to plan, prepare and have projects that we are working on.

The problem lies in the fact that we have been conditioned to think that we have control. That we will be rewarded, in kind, for our hard work and dedication. That if we pay our dues, we will be allowed in the club. That life is fair, and that we deserve things. Our thinking becomes black-and-white. Most of us believe that either;

1) We have complete control over our lives, and if things aren’t turning out the way we want, we simply have to buckle down, work hard, and force it to happen; or

2) That we have no control over our lives, we are at the mercy of God/family/friends/our job/our health/or financial situation/our living situation/the world, and that no matter how much we try, our ship will never come in.

While neither of these extremes are accurate, most of us lock into one extreme or the other. Then, over time, we look for evidence that supports this belief. And as we find this evidence, it supports our belief as to how the world works, and our belief gets stronger. Eventually, the belief is so strong, that it becomes our world view, and it shapes the course of our life.

Bully Syndrome– My Way or the Highway!

If we believe that we have the ability to force our will, or desires, or dreams onto others, then we turn our attention, our true power, away from ourselves. When we shift our focus or our power away from our self, and focus it on others, we engage in a type of coercion. Even when the relationship is mutual, whenever we are trying to get someone else to do something for us, we turn over our power to that other person. We become imbalanced, because all of our energy goes towards how we can make others fill us up. Instead of filling ourselves up, instead of creating for ourselves, we seek to have others do the work for us, on our behalf. While it may sound appealing to have others do the work for us, in reality, it weakens us. It moves our power outside of ourselves and places our responsibility for our self on others. We become reliant on them, and without realizing it, we have turned the wheel over to them. We can holler out directions, but they are the ones who are truly in charge. We are no longer driving our own lives, and we are relegated to being a back-seat driver in our own existence.

It’s not My Fault! Excuses and Victim-hood

Similarly, when we believe that we have no control over anyone or anything, we hand our will away just as much as when we try to control others. The perpetual victim correctly sees that they have no control over others. However, instead of doing what they can to influence or change themselves, instead of at least trying to drive, they simply take their hands off the wheel. They don’t drive, nor do they seek out other competent drives to assist them. They careen along, being knocked about by every bump, twist or turn.

And life does get bumpy for the perpetual victim! Moreover, the perpetual victim seems not to notice when good things happen, but only notices the bad. They create a self-fulfilling, poor me, belief system, and subconsciously they use the power that they do have, to perpetuate their dejected reality. They literally steer themselves into the ditch! So, although the victim may actually be more powerful than the bully, in that they understand that they cannot control others, they use the power that they do have, to create more victimhood!

Balance of Powers

The key to creating a healthy, successful life, lies in bridging the gap between these two extremes. In understanding that we are in charge of driving our own lives, and that although we may use others to assist us, that we are the only ones who can steer our own course. We have to take responsibility for the fact that sometimes we crash, and as crazy as it sounds, sometimes we crash intentionally. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of success or some other deep, subconscious reason, sometimes we intentionally crash our own lives. And that’s okay. As long as we have awareness about what it is we have done, and we take responsibility for our choices and our actions, we will learn from our mistakes. We can correct our course. We are all the bully and we are all the victim. We are in charge of our own life. Take your own wheel, and be mindful about who you allow to drive for you. The road may be bumpy or smooth, but it’s not the road’s fault. Take the wheel when the going gets rough, and be mindful of where you are steering.

Everyone crashes. It’s what you learn from those crashes that counts.

Grief on an Intimate Level

04-11-18 Grief on an Intimate Level

It’s easy to live our SPARKLE when everything is going our way, but what about when really bad things happen? Not just bad hair days, but things like death and other significant losses. We can’t simply think our way out of grief. Grief is a complex emotion that needs to be dealt with on an emotional level as well as on a cognitive level. Additionally, there isn’t one specific protocol or treatment that works for all people.

Join Lora as she discusses grief with Hollie, a beautiful woman who not only has experienced significant grief and loss in her own life, but who spent ten years working in an assisted living home, where she dealt with grief and loss on a professional level as well.

Although grief is not enjoyable to talk about, it is profoundly healing to be able to witness grief on such an intimate level, and to see, as well as feel, what others go through, and how they deal with the grief process.

Gun Control, Building Your Dreams and Living Your Sparkle

04-04-18 Gun Control, Building Your Dreams and Living Your Sparkle

Gun control, and the role of teens as political activists is a top feature in the news right now. But what is important here is not simply gun control. What is important here is the fact that these kids are acutely aware of their responsibility to build the kind of world that they want to live in. These kids know that they have the power, as well as the responsibility, to create the kind of world that they want to live in, and they are beginning to mobilize.

In today’s show, Lora sits down with a group of 17 and 18 year olds from the Columbine, Colorado area. Not only do these kids live where the first mass school shooting happened, but they were all in fourth grade when there was a shooting at the middle school next to their elementary school. They already have faced lots of gun situations, and even thought they all have vastly different opinions about guns, gun control, gun rights, and their role in creating the world in which they want to live, they all want to be heard.

Grab some tea, sit back, and enjoy the conversation from today’s youth. These kids truly ARE going to change the world for the better!​

Women’s Empowerment & Female Friendships

03-28-18 Women’s Empowerment & Female Friendships

Women’s Empowerment Week in March is a week dedicated to recognizing and empowering women in all arenas. One of the most important aspects of female empowerment is the creation of female friendships. Since there is no such thing as the “Good Old Girl’s” network, it’s up to each individual woman to nurture and support the other women in her life.

In this show, Lora and her best friend Cindy discuss the impact their friendship has had on their lives, the importance of understanding “Girl Code” and how we will never RISE UP unless and until we bring up everyone around us.​